So Many Projects, So Little Time…

I’ve been so busy getting things done around the house lately and working. It just seems like there is never enough time to do everything I’d like to do. Lately, Hubs and I have been working on our bedroom. One of these days it will be the Oasis I dream of, but for now, it is, like me, a work in progress. 

We recently painted our room a beautiful, restful shade of gray which has given it new life. Our room had previously been blue which was a great color, but it was time for a new updated coat of paint. Along with the coat of paint, Hubs found a door at our local Habitat for Humanity resale store for $9.00. We painted it white and hung it leading into our master bathroom. The old door was a bifold door that was in serious need of replacement. Going to our local home improvement store, we found door handles that matched each other and replaced each for under $40 total. So far our room was looking great but it needed some finishing touches. 

I had the idea to take our old slatted headboard and revamp it into a covered headboard. I already had material on hand and a dear friend had the wood needed to attach the material. All we needed was some foam, batting and our trusty staple gun to complete it and the drill to attach it to the existing headboard. Voila! 

Next, to go with our new decor, I decided to do an art piece. I brought home a bunch of paint chips and cut them into pieces. I had a scrap of 25 inch square material and attached it to a 24 inch canvas with my hot glue gun making sure it was stretched completely. Then, starting from the corner, I glued my paint chip pieces in place to form a flower shape with the center formed at the corner of the material. It looks awesome and matches the new color scheme of the room well. 

We aren’t done yet. I’m painting my old dresser to match in white and gray. our nightstands are white already. I also purchased an inexpensive but beautiful duvet cover from Amazon to go in my retreat before all this great retreat reimagining took place. 

The soft gray and bright white play off each other well for a beautiful contrast. Gray is a color that can be cool or warm in time and I chose a warm gray that is inviting and has an inviting feel to it. We used Sherwin Williams HGTV color called Materialistic Gray. It’s beautiful. Grays have undertones of many colors like purple, blue, brown, yellow and green. I find its important to know which undertone you have chosen , but if you hold different gray swatches next to each other you can see the differences easily. 

Next up is the floating shelf for our wall. I can’t edit to stain it a rich expresso color. It will add not only a focal point but also a contrast from the whites and grays in yhe room and a did a functional space to place artwork.  

All in all, I’m so pleased with how everything looks. We have so many home improvement projects that we are working on. There is never a dull moment or time to just relax for long before I get another bee in my bonnet to work on something else. I’m so lucky to have Hubs to help me, even when he would much rather do anything but home improvement projects. One day we will sit and relax in our beautiful home. Unfortunately, that time isn’t for a long time just yet. Thanks Hubs for putting up with me!

4 thoughts on “So Many Projects, So Little Time…

  1. Hello, my friend…it’s been so long but nothing has changed….your writing is sooooooo engaging, and you really had me feeling as though I was in your room, being given a wonderful play-by-play…you have a real talent for writing and sharing and connecting. And, your bedroom sounds like just my kind of room….I just know it is gorgeous…I’m so happy for you 🙂 Let’s stay in touch…I will be back 😉

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