Middle Life Moments

This last year and a half has brought about many changes in my life that were unexpected and frightening. Lately, however, I’ve been much more focused on the future than I have been over that time of sadness and stress. It’s such a relief to feel more positive again. More like myself again. 

I’ve been trying desperately to get some extra weight off but my brain and body simply don’t jive at times. I have managed to get rid of 10 pounds successfully but, me being me, I want more gone and I want it gone now already. 

My husband is half heartedly losing and when he tries just a little bit, his success is incredible. My success is so slow and the task seems so arduous at times. I know in order to be a success at anything you must plod along and never give up, so plod along I must.  But ice cream…

It’s the worst downfall I have. That rich, sweet, delectable treat I crave after dinner. I’ve learned to give up a lot just to have my ice cream. But I think we are going to have to break up. I love sweets, but ice cream has become my go to treat. What’s a girl to do?

After having 2 surgeries within 8 months of each other, my stamina has been put to the test. To put it mildly, at first, I got winded walking through my house. I’m getting stronger every day and with that strength, I will be adding some new exercise to my weight loss journey. I walk at lunch when I’m working now, but I’ve slowly build up a little speed. And I mean slow. Next, I’ll be walking my dogs and hopefully adding weights to that soon.

Later this week, you will find me basking in the sun and swimming to my heart’s content. I’ll be leaving my dreary home for some sunny, hot weather. It’s time to pick up dad and drive the snowbird home for the summer. The perk is, swimming in the pool and ocean for me first for a week. The downside is 3 days of driving home but with a great copilot. 

Life is never dull or boring around here. Just a little chaotic sometimes, so I can’t wait to read, relax in the sun and hang out with the world’s greatest dad, mine. See ya’ll soon!

2 thoughts on “Middle Life Moments

  1. It’s such a happiness to hear from you.I appreciate you of losing 10 pounds,And about the ice cream,there is hardly a person in this entire galaxy who can resist it.Hope you are having a good day,Always stay as full of life,you are the brightest ray of sunshine which warms the heart.
    Heartiest love

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