America’s Favorite Pasttime


Batter up! It’s that time of year again with Spring training just ended and the new 2016 season just underway, baseball is here again folks!  It’s a sport that you either love or don’t understand.  Well, that’s what I’ve come to believe anyway.  My parents came from Ireland many years ago and baseball remained a foreign sport to them.  To me, well, I learned to love the sport.  I never played as a kid.  I attempted to play in PE class, but failed miserably.  I played tennis and golf as a child.  I learned to absolutely love soccer and relished playing when I found a team to play on at the old age of 13.  I can’t say I was very good, but I practiced constantly.  In those days, there weren’t any teams in school for girls to play soccer in our area.  Baseball was something I watched on TV, alone.

I watched and learned what I could about this great American sport.  At first, I thought, like my parents, that it was boring.  There was little bits of running, but the games took forever to play.  Once I understood what was going on, I watched more and more games.  I rooted for the St. Louis Cardinals because that’s where my cousins lived and I knew they were big Cards fans.

I then had a boyfriend who was a huge Cardinals fan.  He just happens to be my husband now.  He’s still a big Cards fan.  He explained more of the game to me.  Some things I understood, but there were things I just didn’t get.  He’s very technical in his explanations and has this habit of going over my head sometimes.  I know I have to have that “deer caught in the headlights” look on my face, but he never seems to notice.  I’ve learned to tell him to please dumb it down for me.  I ask him to pretend I’m a 3 year old please.  Sometimes that works.  Sometimes.

Now we have a son who plays baseball.  I love to watch him play.  This year should be quite interesting.  This is the first year that the kids are pitching to each other.  All the previous years, the coaches have pitched.  He skipped out on t-ball.  I suspect these games to be extremely long, but very intense with these boys.  And then there’s my son who has no interest at all in pitching.  He likes playing 1st or 3rd base or short stop.  Hockey is still his very favorite sport behind football (which he still has yet to play on an actual team), but he does enjoy baseball.  Perhaps the camaraderie with the other boys and the mischief they get into while “sitting” in the dugout.  I’ll never really understand the mind of 8 and 9 year old boys.

My favorite memory of my son playing baseball was actually the only game my mom saw him play.  Mom and dad were able to come one day to his game.  We picked them up and had our chairs set up for them.  Mom, a sports junkie, asked questions about this strange sport she didn’t understand.  All the while, one of the other grandmas sat chatting endlessly to us.  My mother asked many questions about the sport, about the times up to bat, how many chances they had to hit the ball, how many outs there were, what was an inning, wasn’t it clever that they all wore hats to keep the sun out of their eyes. After we were in the car, she looked at me and said, “Liam did very well.  It would have been better if that damn woman would have shut her trap though.”  I laughed so hard I thought I’d never stop!  My mother never minced her words and the poor woman was just such a sweetheart chatting about her grandson.  My mother was such a proud woman and would never say anything to her or in front of her, but out of earshot she let us all know how she felt!

We still root for the St. Louis Cardinals in this house.  We enjoy going to the odd game there as well.  It’s a beautiful stadium and the nachos are amazing!  Best deal for your dollar! It’s one team where our house is not divided in team loyalty.  Hockey is another story, but that’s for another day.  Today, it’s baseball baby!


I’d like to give a thank you for the word prompt for the day which was baseball.  I should have written this yesterday, but we were traveling 1235 miles in a van.  After doing that in 20 hours, we all slept! Anyway, it’s much easier to write with a lap top than on my mobile phone and my lap top was here waiting for me to fire it up.