Where Did All the Funny Guys Go?


What is it with most comedians these days? Do they all believe they have to use foul language and inappropriate material? I love a good comedian but seriously, what is with them these days?

I can take a bit of language and I’m certainly no prude, but watching some of today’s comics is just plain raunchy. What has happened to our society? Have we become so stupid that we don’t understand anything subtle or any of the nuances of humor?

Back in the days when humor was really funny, there may have been some foul language or potty humor, shall we say, but comics could keep an audience’s attention with more than that. They had funny anecdotes that had great timing. It’s always about the delivery. There are still a few excellent comics out there, but they seem to be so hard to find. Where did they go? I, personally would rather watch someone delivering funny stories that my family can watch.


I know there was only one Robin Williams and my God we were blessed to have him. He was my absolute favorite funny man. He could read the phone book and make people cry from laughter. Was he sometimes inappropriate? Yes, but not always. Did he use foul language? Again, yes, but didn’t need to in order to make us laugh. Oh, how we need more people like him.  Where did all the funny men go?

Blank Looks

Image result for blank looksShe stared at the plate set before her.  It was the weirdest conglomeration of food she’d ever seen.  The blank look on Kate’s face must have elicited the response of giggles from her husband.  He had done this on purpose, but she really would never know.  The kids were to have chosen the meal for Mother’s Day breakfast, but little did Kate know that her darling husband, Ryan had assisted them in the choosing. The girls were elated to have made mommy breakfast in bed.

As she choked down chocolate cake, scrambled eggs, some fruit salad consisting of strawberries and bananas, and some leftover pork chop from the night before with peach compote, Kate thought of how lucky she was to have such a beautiful family.  She relished the thought of this happening every year, but knew this may be the last year.  She had been diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer and had just undergone her bilateral mastectomy 2 weeks before.  She couldn’t think of her little girls growing up without her.  She had a will to live that was fiercely strong.

Her girls, Ella, aged 4 and Emma, aged 2, were her life.  She was so blessed to have them as well as having the most loving and supportive husband.  Ryan worked so hard so she could stay at home with the girls.  How had she not felt the lump? Why did she stop doing the stupid monthly self breast exams?

Tomorrow she would start the radiation and next week her chemo would begin.  She knew how sick she would be from both.  She didn’t like to think about it, but she did think about it.  Of course she thought about it.  She was normal, for God’s sake.  And she prayed every day.  She prayed for healing.  She wasn’t sure how her girls were going to handle all this change.  She looked up at her husband.  Now it was his face that was blank.

“Honey, what’s the matter?” she asked him gently reaching for his hand.

“It’s just that I could tell by looking at your lovely face what you were thinking about.  You are so beautiful.  I want you to know that I will always love you.  I will always be here for you and we will get through this.  I love you, honey.  I love you with all my heart.  I know that you are scared and I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t, but honestly, you’re going to make it.”

“Thank you,” was all she could manage to say between the tears streaming down her face.  The blank look was gone between both of them.  There love had lasted through these last 20 years of high school, college and the rest.  Their’s was a love that would stand the test of time.  If time was what God and medicine would give them.

And Sometimes Things Just Happen

20160512_184944.jpgSometimes I just don’t understand little boys.  I love my little boy very much, but there are those times when I just simply don’t understand his behaviour or that of his friends.  Most of the time, I just don’t understand the behaviour of his friends simply because I know my child’s mind. I know how his mind works, as it is so similar to my own.  There are some things that are more like my husband, of course, but for the most part, I see myself in my son.

I see this gentle boy who is fair and just struggling with injustices and abstracts at his current age of 9.  I see a rough and tumble, let’s-get-filthy-outside child who doesn’t always know how to deal with the finer points of conflicts and simply gets angry and upset, then comes inside, slamming the front door.  He tells me part of the story and I have to investigate if I feel like the infraction warrants it, or simply talk him through the tough stuff and let him know it will be alright.  It’s me that he turns to when things get difficult and I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world.

My son is just newly 9.  He turned 9 one month ago.  He’s a young one in his class age-wise, but he knows more mature subject matter simply due to the fact that he has 3 older teenage sisters and his best friend is is 13.  His best friend lives next door and they have been fairly inseparable all the years we’ve been here, since the boy was just 8 months old.

I’ve decided that boys are weird.  They play strangely and they fight in a strange way too.  Many is the day, well, truth be known, most days, the boys will start playing Minecraft, then it’s outside, then back in for the X-Box and a sports game, then outside for another game, maybe some basketball, then ride the bikes, then back inside for something else.  At least once or twice during this time, the boys will separate and go their separate ways, one close to tears or slamming a door.  It’s those moments when it’s mom to the rescue.  I’m sure my friend and mom to my boy’s friend is the same as me.

I get the boy to divulge the problem, we discuss, settle the problem whenever possible and go on about our day.  About 45 minutes to an hour later, the boys are together again.  It’s weird, but it works for them.  I always worry about my boy, but I’m getting over it now.  I’m learning that he’s growing into a “big kid” now and is able to fight his own battles much easier.  He’s growing up too fast.

I admit I’m his mom, but I’m really proud of this little boy.  In 3rd grade, there was a project where all the kids had to write something positive about all their classmates.  It was a project about filling everyone’s buckets full.  A little girl in his class wrote that my boy “always has a smile and always helps others.” What a sweet and wonderful thing to read about him.  He is a good boy with a big heart, but he’s still one of those strange little boys who does weird things.

End of the Road

images (59)

My St. Louis Blues lost their battle tonight for the Stanley Cup.  They were so close.  If you’ve visited before, you know I’m a die-hard fan.  I love my Blues.  I’m saddened by the way they played the last two games, but on this occasion, I will say San Jose just played harder.  San Jose was hungrier to become the Western Conference Champs and into the Stanley Cup Finals.

My friend, T and I always watch the games together.  Tonight, we just both had the feeling that it might end in the favor of the San Jose Sharks and unfortunately, our gut feeling was correct.  You see, I always go with my gut instincts about things. It is rarely wrong.

As we sat watching this game, as so many others, T made the same comment as she has on other occasions during this series.  Our Blues were playing the Sharks game instead of the other way around.  We really didn’t score many goals this last series at all.  Vladimir Tarasenko, one of the best goal scorers in the league, had not made a goal going into this game and this was the 6th game.  That, in and of itself, is unusual.  Our players, usually dictate the pace of the game and you can tell early on what kind of game it will be, but these last few games, well, let’s just say it’s been rough.

The players lacked energy from a viewers standpoint.  It seemed that the Sharks dictated not only the pace but the majority of puck possession as well.  Brian Elliott started out in goal again tonight which I thought would possibly bring some energy back after missing last game, but after the score was 2-0 and the Blues were looking lethargic on the ice, I thought for sure they would switch goaltenders and put Jake Allen in.  Perhaps if they had, the outcome would have been different, perhaps not.  One will never know.

In the 3rd period, the Blues were down 3-0.  Yes, my soul was singing laments of sheer sadness.  Finally, my Blues showed some signs of life.  They somehow scored 2 goals in the last 8 minutes but it was too late.  The Sharks had already scored another goal and late in the 3rd, when the score was 4-2 with 2 minutes left, they scored again making the final score 5-2.

I will not forget this season for a long time.  I am proud of my Blues.  They did so well and came so far.  They are such a bunch of great men.  Special shout out to Robbie Fabbri, the young 20 year old who made his mark in the NHL in his rookie year.  He will be around for a long time to come and hopefully he’ll stay with our team.  I love my Blues.  I love St. Louis.

Now, it’s on to baseball and tennis!  French Open is on.  I better start watching.  And how about the recent horse racing events?  No triple crown this year.  Can’t wait though until next hockey season.  At least I can still watch my son play this summer. The problem is, he’s only 9.  It’s a far cry from the NHL, but it’ll have to do.  I can dream of hockey sticks, ice and pucks though.  Nothing will keep me from that.

Learning to Be Enough


Many of us who are creative have issues with being hard on ourselves.  I know I am.  I often think, “why would anyone ever want to read my work or look at my painting.” It’s a similar story in life.  I often times question whether I’m good enough and I’ve written about this before.  The thing is, I’m learning to accept that I am absolutely good enough.  I am more than good enough.  Wow, that’s even hard for me to say, much less write.

Many creative people suffer from self worth issues. It’s just one of those things we stress over. You see, in my case, I have always worried about pleasing people. I want the world to be happy. I want to make each person I come in contact with to be happier because of me, or something I’ve done. I hope this makes sense to you. I just hate disappointing anyone. The very thought of being a disappointment causes anxiety.

Image result for being enough

I have struggled with being enough for many reasons my whole life.  I always have considered myself not enough.  When I was young, I wanted so badly to be like my big brother.  He was so smart, so good at school and tennis.  In my mind, he had everything that pleased my parents.  I felt like I never filled their expectations of what I should be.  I was just above average in school, I didn’t feel very smart and I was just okay at tennis.  What I excelled in was music.  My brother played piano as well, but did not have the talent that I did.  He can not sing like I can.

Now, I realize that it’s okay to have different talents.  I also realize that I made up this idea in my head that I wasn’t good enough.  Sure, my parents wanted and expected me to excel, but my mom always said, “just always do the very best you can and we will be happy.”  My dad, on the other hand, was a man of very few words.  I guess I wanted him to tell me that he was proud of me.  He finally did when I became a nurse.  I was over the moon with happiness.  I finally felt like I had his approval and felt his joy for something I had accomplished.  It felt so good!

If only that was the only time I felt like I was enough all the time, I wouldn’t question my strengths.  I wouldn’t question whether my writing was good enough to be read by others.  I wouldn’t ask if someone would actually like the butterfly or flower picture I worked so hard to create.  I wouldn’t mind playing piano in public places anymore, even though I’m rusty and I would actually offer to sing the solos in choir at church.  But I don’t.  I know that I may be enough, but to imagine myself as actually good?  Well, that’s where it gets difficult.  I just continue to work on believing that I’m good enough and pray that someday, I’ll move up my scale to a good.  I know too many people that are far more talented than I could ever hope to become.


But what happens now?  I keep plodding along and marching to my own drummer hoping someday, I’ll have the accompaniment to go along with that drumbeat.  I still battle the self-doubt and self-worth issues, but I’m working on those every day.  I have to because it is me, and only me that can change how I view myself and my world.  I try speaking to myself kindly and thinking kindly as well as doing kind things for others.  What I have learned so far, is that we are our own worst critics.  We are hardest on ourselves.  It’s something that we need to all work on  Step back, look at yourself and try to imagine yourself as others see you.  I guarantee, they see someone who isn’t as bad as you do.



My Baby, the Artist

This is my Katie.  She is my artist.  This is her Bob Ross drawing/painting that she did.  Yes, she drew him.  She’s 14.

Often we hear parents say how awesome their kids are and they are incredible kids.  They each have their own unique talents.  Well, this post is a post specifically dedicated to my youngest daughter, my baby girl.  She is a true artist.  She is not an athlete.  She is not, by any stretch of the imagination, great at math, but when it comes to using her mind for creativity, well, she excels like no one else I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. She doesn’t think like the rest of us.  She is special.  She is extraordinary.  The kicker is, she’s only 14.

Another piece done by Katie Hylin, my daughter!

I wanted to share some of her artwork with you today.  Now I will tell you that she not only excels in art, she also can listen to music and within a day or maybe two, she will be playing the piece.  She had a couple of years of piano lessons that I insisted on and when her teacher moved out-of-state, she informed me that she was done with lessons.  Please understand this young lady is most definitely a free spirit.  She doesn’t see the world like the rest of us.  She sees the world from a completely different view.  It’s really very refreshing when you actually try to see things her way.


She is very relaxed about most things.  She dress not to be fashionable, but to please herself.  She wears short overalls with tights and a tank top and makes it work.  I don’t think I could ever make that work, even in my youth.  She is always sticking up for the less fortunate and for the underdogs.  She is soft-spoken most of the time, but she can be wild and crazy.  Her favorite music to play on the piano? Well, it isn’t Mozart or Tchaikovsky, that would be me.   She prefers video game music, movie soundtrack music and other random stuff you wouldn’t be familiar with.  I know some of it drives me crazy, but deep down I’m so proud of her.


So here is a shout out to my baby girl.  She will be finished with her freshman year as of tomorrow.  My husband and I are praying to God for some good grades, but she probably isn’t as concerned as we are.  It’s just not in her nature.  This world has been cruel to people like her.  She has anxiety and suffers occasionally from panic attacks.  They were really bad after my mom died, but lately they’ve been much, much better.  Her artwork keeps her grounded which is what she needs more than anything else.  I hope you enjoy it half as much as we do.  We think she’s pretty extraordinary.

Katie and her makeup as the Cheshire Cat! Yes, she did this herself.
Another drawing.  She posts some of her work on Instagram.  You can follow at comic.book.colors

Feeling Positive and Making Changes


I love when I feel positive about life.  When I’m more positive, it makes the world around me a more positive place to be.  I can’t say that I always succeed, but when I do, oh boy, it’s a lovely world I’m surrounded by.  When I’m surrounded by negativity, I feel depressed.  That makes it really hard since I suffer from depression as it is.

I always say I’m a work in progress and I truly believe it.  My goal is to become the best person I can be.  This means I have to not only have to believe in myself, I have to be patient and kind to myself and to those around me.  I’ve been working on being more kind to myself now very hard for about a week and a half.  I’m proud to say, it’s going rather well.

Each morning, I get up and tell myself that I’m worth the love that my husband and children show me.  I’m also trying to look for kindness all around me.  That will be a post later this week.  I’m in the Revolution of Kindness which is truly revolutionary to me.  I really want to transform myself from the inside out.  If I can be the best person from the inside, then my family, friends and the world will have the best me possible.


I think my oldest daughter will hopefully see this transformation the most, as she lives away from home.  I love all of my children so much, but she and I have a bond that is unique to just us.  We are very alike in many ways but also so very different at the same time.  Since she doesn’t live at home, she should be able to see a difference when she comes home.

If you would like to join the Revolution of Kindness please do!  It’s making a difference in my life already and it’s only been a week and a half.  Just click here!

Daily Prompt: Vision


When I was young, very young, I was born with a cross eye.  My left eye couldn’t keep straight vision.  It loved to look to the left as my right eye looked straight. The condition itself has a name.  It’s called Strabismus.  It’s simply a problem with the eye muscles.  Nothing would help it but surgery. At 3 1/2, my sweet and wonderfully talented father performed eye surgery to correct the problem.  Yes, he just happens to be an ophthalmologist.  How he managed to perform such delicate surgeries like mine always amazed me.  To perform surgery on his own child, now that’s just incredible.

After that surgery, I got my first pair of glasses and an eye patch so my eye could heal.  When the patch came off, I had exercises to perform, which I still do from time to time.  I can’t tell you how long I had to wear those glasses, but it wasn’t terribly long and I looked so darn cute in them.

Fast forward to age 7.  My big brother needed glasses.  He was 13.  I took note to how I saw the world and noticed it was sort of fuzzy.  I told my dad and Voila! I had a pair of glasses too.  In fact, dad told my mom that he was surprised I hadn’t said anything before then.  My eyes were bad.  My new spectacles were purple.  The color on the glasses was called “grape”.  I remember that.  They were plastic frames with plastic lenses.  I was in second grade.

Suddenly, the world was very clear.  The trees outside of my dad’s office were so clear.  I could actually see the leaves!  The individual leaves on the trees!  I couldn’t believe that you could see those… This was normal for people with normal vision. Wow, what I had been missing!

Each year, my eyes worsened.  Each year I received a new pair of glasses and case to hold them in.  Each year, my lenses got thicker and thicker.  They started shaving and shaping the edges of my lenses so they looked less like coke bottles.  Then, when I was about 15, they stopped changing.  I wouldn’t wish this eyesight on anyone.  Thank God for contact lenses.  The glasses were so heavy and left marks on my face no matter how thin they tried to make the lenses or how small I tried to get the frames.

Now, I need reading glasses with my contacts or bifocals.  who thought my eyes could get any worse.  The prescription has even intensified some more.  I didn’t think that was even possible after not changing for 31 years, but alas, it has.  Damn it! I’m so worried that eventually I won’t be able to see or read anymore.  It scares me, but I try to think positively and realize that that possibility is very small.

I’m just blessed that I can see what I do.  I may not be able to see everything the way I used to, but at least I can see and I see fairly well.  I thank God for that daily. I also thank God for my dad.  Because of his care as a child, I can see now. I thank God for my brother, the optometrist.  He keeps me seeing.


On Underestimating Life

Underestimate.  We often underestimate things.  We underestimate the cost of items we purchase.  We underestimate what people do, especially what we are ourselves.  We underestimate in particular what we are capable of.  Why?  I know I underestimate what I’m capable of because I frequently think I can’t do this or that.  I feel not good enough or not strong enough for whatever it is that I’d like to do.  I won’t say that I always think this way because that wouldn’t be true.  It’s not, believe me.  Once I focus on something, I am ultra focused and will ultimately achieve my goal. But the truth remains that there are bumps in the road, even in the greatest of triumphs, when I underestimate my abilities.

Sometimes I think this is our way of keeping ourselves humble to some degree.  I won’t say that we become humble because we underestimate ourselves, but when we question our own abilities, it does help us to take measure of our strengths and weaknesses and offers some insight into who we are if we are indeed honest with ourselves.  That part is the hard part.


We have to be good at being honest with ourselves though.  We have to be kind as well as honest.  It does no good to beat yourself up about not being good enough at something and not looking at the things that you are truly exceptional at.  For me, I find it difficult to see the exceptional part.  I find myself good enough, but not extraordinary at most things.  For instance, I know very well that I’m a good nurse.  I’m really good with patients.  They like me.   I know this because they’ve told me they like me.  They’ve told me they don’t want any other nurse besides me.  I suppose to some, that would make me an exceptional nurse, but to me, I see myself as a good nurse.  I say this because I know that there are so many things that I don’t know in my field that would make me a better nurse.  Those are the things that I strive to understand so that one day, I may be a great nurse.  That, hopefully, keeps me humble.

As a parent, I’m sometimes a good one and sometimes I’m lacking in the good parent category.  Who isn’t! Find me anyone who says their the perfect parent and I say they must medicate with something. Find me their drug because I want what they’re having! Seriously though, many people have their public and their private personas.  In fact most people do.  I had very high expectations before I had children about the kind of parent I would be.  I SO underestimated what parenthood truly was.  It’s grueling work.  It’s neverending.  It’s also the most rewarding job I’ve never taken a day off from and had for 20 years.  I’ve loved it and hated it.  I’ve wanted to go on strike!  Alas, here I am.  Still underestimating myself as a mom almost everyday and still getting up the next one and doing it all over again, and again, and again.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love these 4 kids more than the air I breathe.  I wouldn’t want for a more fulfilling job as this.  I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, most days.

This was written in response to the Daily Post one word prompt at https://dailypost.wordpress/underestimate


If We Were Having Coffee

daffodils and coffee

If we were having our weekend coffee today, I’d tell you this has been an eventful week! I had my meeting with my surgeon regarding my pancreatic cyst.  I finally got the results from my biopsy that was taken on April 19th!  Yes, almost a month later!  Can you believe it took that long?  Me either!  The initial results took only a week and they wanted to do more testing.  They called and told me I had many atypical cells which means my cyst was precancerous.  The best means to take care of this is to surgically remove it.  It’s a big cyst.  I’m ready.  Bring it on!

My week was also filled with working with wonderful people in another department of my new place of employment.  As many of you know, I’m a nurse and this past week was nurse’s week.  As this department is very generous, we were fed all week!  This was not so good for my diet, but my belly was kept full and let me tell you, it was very tasty! We had pasta, salad, fruit, baked potatoes,  cookies, doughnuts, sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, and more!  These people know how to feed their employees well!

I would tell you that it was my son’s last hockey game of this session and my daughter’s last high school Spring Show.  It’s hard knowing that next year, I’ll only have 2 children at home, but also kind of exciting at the same time.  I love knowing that my 2 oldest girls will be pursuing their dreams in college.  Knowing that I have 2 birds that have flown the coop and 2 that are still in the nest is a comforting thought.  I must be doing something right.  I’m proud of my 2 oldest girls.

For now, let’s just sit back and enjoy our Colombian blend coffee with our Creme Brulee creamer.  It’s delicious.  I’ve eaten so much.  I’ll stick to my small omelet for breakfast.  What will you have?