Two Dogs, One Adventure

I am the proud owner of three dogs, Duncan, a lab/retriever mix, Gizmo, a shih-tzu, and Ellie, a pomeranian.  Why then is this called Two Dogs, One Adventure you might ask.  The answer to that is very simple.  One of these lovely little sweethearts is exceedingly lazy.  Lazy to the point of sleeping 80% of the day lazy.  The other two fur balls, not so much. This is a story about Duncan and Ellie and their great overnight adventure as seen by me, their fabulous frenzied owner who was unaware of the great escape until 7AM the next morning.

The other night, I was very tired.  It was a long day spent putting my kitchen mostly back together after the countertops were finally completed (on the top aspect anyway).  More on that adventure next time.  My husband and I were exhausted.  Gizmo had been outside to do his business, for his full 35 seconds, but Duncan and Ellie decided that it was so nice outside, they weren’t quite ready to come in yet.  Per usual in our crazy  house, kids were staying up later than we were so they were asked to let the two hooligans back in when they were ready to come back in.  I didn’t give it another thought.  That was my first mistake.

The kids had been playing outside most of the day on Saturday since the weather was so unseasonably warm.  It’s February in Illinois so you never know what’s going to happen.  The 14th we had a good snow.  The 20th, we had 63 degree weather.  We always say, “if you don’t like the weather just wait 5 minutes, it’ll change”.  The dogs were enjoying the weather as much as the kids were.  It’s the kind of weather that in Florida, they wear a parka and here in the spring, we are in shorts, t-shirts and flip flops!

As I said, my husband and I went to bed. I fell blissfully asleep until I was woken up before 7AM by not 1 phone call, but 4 phone calls.  I had no idea! I didn’t even hear my phone ring.  When I finally heard it and answered it, there was a very kind woman on the other end asking me if I was Duncan and Ellie’s mom.  Of course I am!  What the heck is going on, I thought.  It’s 6:50AM! It took some time to process this, but my crazy adventurers had escaped from the open gate and had taken their own very LONG walk until this kind woman picked them up and took them home!  Thank God I had their tags on with my phone number. Those two little miscreants!

I couldn’t tell you her name.  I just know that she had my dogs at her home.  She said that she had picked them up as they walked happily down the middle of the street and she was afraid they would get hit.  She could tell they were well cared for and not used to being out on their own.  Can you imagine an 88 pound black lab mix with a fluffy 6 pound pomerania trotting along a fairly busy road looking for home?

Thankfully, at that hour on a Sunday, that particular road is not busy.  They could have gone anywhere in the 7 hours they were out.  They could have gotten hit or killed.  Who knows what mischief they got into.  But alas, as I have seen these two hooligans trot beside each other on other occasions when they have escaped their home ground prison, they never leave each other’s side.  They simply gallop, trot or stop to sniff the world at the side of the road.  This is the furthest they have ever traveled and never have they escaped for such a long time.

We love our pets very much.  They are just as important as any member of this family.  When we lose a pet, we grieve.  Last year, we lost our first dog, a former escape artist, Sasha.  She was 14 and the best mixed bred dog and friend this girl could ever have.  She came into our lives at age 2 from our best estimate.  She brought so much joy into our hearts and losing her was heart wrenching.  She was the great adventurer in her day, too.

They don’t escape often, but this adventure reminds me of how lucky I am that there are such wonderful people in this world that truly care about animals and their welfare.  My pooches are members of this family.  They are my furbabies.  I can’t imagine my life without dogs.  Yes, they are work, but what you get back is golden and can not be measured. After this mighty adventure, I will tell you I had exhausted pups who didn’t move more than a muscle or two for the remainder of the day! I even brought Ellie some food as I was concerned her blood sugar may be a bit low from such a great excursion.  Small dogs are prone to hypoglycemia as a sidenote.  Ellie was limping as well once she was home, but today is back to herself, just a little more sedated.  I think she knows she shouldn’t have done what she did.  She and Duncan have even been quieter since their return.  I won’t complain about that either.  I would hope that they learned that this is truly home and there’s no place like home.  If only we could know what they were thinking!