Loneliness at the Gas Pump


She went to fill the car.

She needed her coffee too.

She heard the two men talk about the new shaver.

Had he used it yet? No, he needed to grow some whiskers first the elderly man replied.

He’s all yours now, the younger man said to the clerk.

Slowly, she readied the cup. She waited for him to come her way. She smiled a dazzling smile at this sweet, gentle man.

His eyes lit up. She said, “I have to have my morning cuppa, and I couldn’t find any this morning. I think the kids threw it out.”

His eyes danced and his smile broadened. Someone to chat with. Someone who took time out of their day to talk to me, he thought.

It lasted just a few minutes, but the impact for both of them was to last forever. Just a few moments can mean so much to someone.

Loneliness can last a lifetime.
This is a Daily Prompt for Refresh because I find it freshing in the world of such hustle and bustle. It’s also part of my daily writing challenge.

While Buying Java at the Gas Station

This morning I couldn’t sleep. I was determined to get things accomplished before going on our boat shuttle to Keewaydin Island so I awakened early before 6AM. I found out that the greenskeepers are already working to mow the golf course at that hour with the headlights going on their riding mowers. Did you know that? I never knew!


Once showered and dressed, I looked up the hours of my favorite market here in Naples, Florida so I could get some special goodies for our afternoon island adventure. You see, today is a very special day. Today is Michael’s 18th birthday. He is my daughter, Clare’s boyfriend and we took him along for our Springtime Easter holiday adventure. I wanted to maker his birthday a very special one.

Along the way, I stopped to get gas. I noticed as I was getting coffee that there was an elderly gentleman who was talking to a younger man. The younger man asked the older man if he had used the shaver yet. Then, the younger man said to the clerk that the older man was all hers.

I was struck by the fact that this man, who was clean shaven and well put together, probably was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. He and I chatted together for a little bit over the coffee pot. Granted, I will talk to just about anyone and can strike up a conversation with any store clerk and usually do.


This gentleman was a gem. He was sweet, kind and definitely here because he had nothing better to do. He was a people person and maybe lost his wife. I will never know. All I know is that he touched my heart and so did the man who brought him into the store as well as the clerk. What kindhearted people to care for this aging gentleman.

If we could all take a moment and think about the importance of caring for our aging population. If we are lucky, we will one day reach that age. What a wonderful thing it would be to have the knowledge that we could rely on our youth to take care of us at that age.  This is something to teach our children about. No time like the present!


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