Tricky Little Hamster

nagini lookalike
Nagini Look Alike

We recently acquired a new little pet to add to our zoo.  She is absolutely adorable and extremely active.  Her name, today anyway, is Nagini, like Voldemort’s snake from Harry Potter.  She is a cream colored hamster with tiny gray ears.  Why they chose that name, I’ll never know, but Nagini it is, for now anyway.

She is extremely active, as I’ve said.  She loves to climb in her 2 story cage, up the tubes, down the tubes, up the tubes, over the wheel.  She even jumps from her perch to the first floor of her abode.  Silly little girl.  Are you wondering why I call her tricky yet?

Well, she has had two mishaps in her short stay at our house and has survived them both.  The first mishap happened several days ago when the top part of her cage, a giant wheel contraption, broke off and landed on the floor, 5 feet down.  The floor just happens to be hard wood.  After she shook that one off, we realized that she had performed several bodily functions while being stuck in there, but otherwise was back to herself.

Her second kamakazi attempt came later that same evening but was all her doing.  We placed her in one ball, which she promptly escaped from.  Tricky little thing to catch when she didn’t feel like being caught! Having caught her, we placed her, unwillingly into her bigger ball.  As we were trying to fix up her cage, she managed to roll herself in her big ball all the way down the stairs, the ard wood stairs!  Again, she was fine.  The ball opened, but she luckily remained inside.

bandit lookalike
Bandit Look Alike

She is difficult to get ahold of when she is outside of her cage.  She loves to explore and wants to run and explore everything.  And she is so fast!  I’ve never in my life owned a hamster so this is new territory for me.  My daughter convinced me that we needed to get her a friend.  We did, however her friend is still in quarantine and is not nearly as interested in the world as little Nagini.

Her friend is Bandit.  Bandit just burrows into the bedding and sleeps.  If after the ten days is up Bandit makes it, we will put the two together.  Yes, they are both girls.  No baby hamsters for me!!!!  No way, no how! You read it here first! Hopefully that will be comfort for Nagini and take some of her mischievious ways and propensity for escaping away and liven up little Bandit.  That’s the hope in all this.