Procrastination Nation!

“Why not do it now?” I ask my family for the millionth time.

Mom always said there is no time like the present and dad says that work done should be done to the best of your ability.  I hate leaving things that can be done today until tomorrow.  What if tomorrow never comes? We aren’t promised tomorrow so projects should be done without delay in my very humble opinion.

I have a family that likes to wait until later.  It drives me absolutely crazy!  It isn’t always the big things and I know it shouldn’t drive me nuts, but it does!  It makes no difference if it’s cleaning up after dinner, doing homework, tidying a room, throwing out garbage or working on a major project around the house.  I can’t stand procrastination.

My husband will tell you he is the world’s biggest procrastinator and I would have to agree. My honey-do list is always growing and he’s always trying to do work on one of those projects, and sometimes, it actually gets completed all the way.  Usually, I have to go behind him and pick things up but that is just the way of my world.  I’m always finding things partially finished but oh, he does try!  His biggest problem is getting started and seeing it to the very end.  I love him more than life, and do my best to stay positive.  That’s so hard for me though.  You see, it’s my kryptonite.  I just like seeing things started and completed and I want it all done now.

We aren’t promised a tomorrow.  If you have something that you really want to do, why wait until you are ready for the perfect time?  When is the time ever going to be perfect? When you have enough money?  When you have the time? When you aren’t tired? When you have this or that?

Life passes by way too quickly.  We all have our Kryptonite, but mine is procrastination.