I Should Be Sleeping But…

Good middle of the night, my friends. I’ve actually gotten some sleep tonight but now I’m awake to chatter away. My problem is that, as usual, no one is awake to chat with so alas, here I am doing what I love the most, writing, in hopes that someone will read and enjoy my words.


I promise to be brief tonight as I’m hoping to be called back to my dreams. I wish we could somehow choose our dreams, kind of like a tv show. Wouldn’t that be awesome? If you wanted to dream of some far-off, exotic land, you could just think that and vĂ²ila! Imagine the imagery you could dream!


I’d still like to have fairies that came in and cleaned my house thoroughly and silently while we slept at night, too! If course they would do laundry because who actually likes doing laundry! Can you imagine how much time you would have if you had fairies for chores you hated!  Oh, wouldn’t that be fabulous!

I know I can’t control my dreams and I’ll never have house elves or fairies to do my housework. Major bummer. What I do have though is my family. My oldest daughter came home tonight for mother’s day weekend! Granted, she also came home to see her BFF, but the point is that she came home at least partially for me! That is one dream come true.


I’ve been dreading this weekend and it’s turning into a good one. I have 3 out of 4 kids home and the Not made me cry tears of joy with his mother’s day gift. Life is good. It may not always be easy, but there is always a silver lining.

What not to trust your kids with


I truly love being on holiday. When I’m not up to speed, it’s nice to know that I can trust the older kids with the care of the young one. There are a few things, however that one should certainly not trust them with.

Cooking is fine for my daughter, Clare. She’s a wiz in the kitchen. Her boyfriend, Michael, however, should not be trusted with peanut butter and mini chocolate  chips! The chocolate chips will scatter on the floor inevitably no matter how many times you tell him to be careful. I think this is part of his male teenage nature. My 8 year old is just as bad but isn’t as obsessed with the chocolate chips.

The Jacuzzi tub and bubble bath isn’t to be trusted with any of them! What the hell are they thinking? Well, the truth is, they think it’s great fun to make a complete and utter mess in there and think nothing of leaving the bubbly remnants behind as well as the wet rugs and wet tile floor. Did I mention this is in my bathroom? Oh yes, a seemingly regular occurrence after swimming or tennis. Tonight, they managed to outdo themselves and left the Jacuzzi on while they each got into the shower in their swimsuits to rinse off. Then, I walked in. Let’s just say, bubbles were so high you would expect to see them on a sitcom, not in your bathtub!

I’ve nipped that one in the bud though. They got to work and cleaned like fiends. I now have a spotlessly clean bathroom with a freshly mopped floor to boot! I know, kids will be kids! Seriously though, don’t leave any bubbles near your Jacuzzi tub or you may live to regret it. I only regret not taking a photo to share with you! It was a truly magnificent sight to behold, but don’t tell them I said that.

Towels. Towels. Towels. Did you know that children think that while on holiday the towel fairy, otherwise known as mom, will magically wash towels each day? Clothes are left in their bathroom as are dreadfully wet towels. God forbid they hang up towels or throw a load of wash in. The washer is right next to their bathroom, too! Great to always be a maid! Never trust these heathens with your towels. God only knows how many they will use once they figure out the location of clean ones.

I know this is a post of complaining, but really, for any mother who has any teenagers at home, or any mother of former teenagers, you completely understand and can laugh at the humour here. They will always make messes and eat you out of house and home. The boys begin early, like my nearly 9 year old son. He’s busy eating his weight everyday and obsessing over an 18 year old girl! Yes, he tells me how “hot” she is and today told me that she has a cute belly button. Lord save me!

I wouldn’t change these kids for anything. Just don’t give them bubble bath or mini chocolate chips and your world might be a slightly saner place. Keep only 6 towels in your linen closet so your laundry isn’t ridiculously immense and voila! Life is beautiful again! If you don’t love them, who will!