And She Sings

wp-1463862322895.jpgWhat a beautiful day for a Senior Honors Voice Recital.  My daughter, AKA Bear, and 2 of her friends, had their Senior Honors Voice Recital this afternoon and it was so lovely.  The stage was set simply with baby grand and one simply stated floral arrangement to the side, better to focus on the vocalist you know.  My daughter went first and sang like the angel she is.  Well, most of the time.  N and S went after Bear then repeat the sequence.


What great joy to see them all, but to hear the angelic voice of my daughter while I sat serenely, for a change, in the second row was such a joy.  Today’s word prompt just happens to be sing.  How appropriate for our family.  I can’t tell you how much music means to our family.  It is the beating of the heart of our home.  It is what we go to when we are sad as well as happy.  Music is the glue that binds us.

I’m attempting to attach videos today for the very first time which I guarantee are terrible quality, but hopefully you can hear the voice of my daughter.  I do hope you enjoy even half as much as we did.


Music Gives Me Life


And to think I nearly missed this daily prompt! Music has been my escape my whole life. I began playing piano by ear at age 4. I had the most wonderful teacher beginning at age 7, her name was Sr. Clare Therese Moran. Not only was she my teacher but also my friend. She was one of the most beautiful people in my life for many years. I was blessed to be able to tell her my second child was a girl and would bear her name. At the time. She was dying of cancer which have her so much pain. 

She had been a Dominican Sister for many years and had come to live here just as I was beginning piano lessons. She encouraged me always to be my best and was always kind. She truly encompassed Christ’s love and patience with her students. Mom and I would take her out for our favorite Chinese meal at a restaurant that No longer exists, but when I pass there, I think of her.


My flute teacher also encompassed a great deal of compassion and love. Her name is Debby. We reconnected after all these years in Facebook which I love. She not only taught me to play my flute, she took the time to teach me to sew. How cool is that? I still remember the navy floral A-line skirt I made with her tutoring. How blessed I was to have such an awesome teacher!

We are musicians. We can all sing and sing well in our house, with one exception who shall remain nameless. It isn’t unusual for us to break into 4 part harmony if we all know a song. It’s just what we do and who we are.


If you’ve read my previous posts about musicals, I have talented daughters. Very talented daughters. Music is in our blood. It’s who we are. It makes us whole. If I was more tech savvy, I’d add some of my girls singing so you could hear them. Maybe one day I will. They are amazing and sound great together.  The youngest can figure out how to play anything out on the piano or ukulele.

We are music and music is within us. It is one thing that makes us happy and gets us out of that funk like nothing else can. Our tastes are extremely varied and there isn’t much we don’t like. My oldest daughter will listen to everything from opera and classical to rap. Music heals the soul like nothing else can. What music do you like?