Feeling Great and Losing Weight

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I believe in this program.  I’m becoming a better me and sharing my story and these products with others helps me to change lives each day.  My life has certainly changed over the last 2.5 weeks and now in 8 days, my daughter has lost 7.4 pounds and 9.75 inches.  If the company didn’t believe in their product,  they wouldn’t offer and respect their money back guarantee.  

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I’m already off 2 meds.  I have no more pain from my degenerative disc disease  in my bank or from my arthritis.  My IBS is no longer an issue.  I’m totally regular which hasn’t happened ever in my life.  You get one life.  One chance at your health.  Why not choose to make it a healthy life the natural way with great plant based supplements instead of taking medications with a ton of side effects?

I’m always free to chat about this amazing program.  Just shoot me a message or send me a FB friend request.  I love helping people get healthy while I do the same.  I am a registered nurse so it’s my nature to take care of you! 

Have a spectacular day ya’ll! 

Deirdre ūüĆļ

Feeling Better 

At last I have some answers. I’ve been dealing with this for so long but the corner has finally been turned and now I can truly begin to heal, or so I surely hope I can!

My initial surgery was over a month ago and I’ve been so terribly ill since then. Many trips back and forth to the hospital as well as Pablo, the drain placed 26 days ago. Pablo was initially working well, but started malfunctioning. I began flushing him a bit more frequently. I continued having fevers and feeling terribly lightheaded and detached from the world. I tried my best to eat and not I felt the same.hing had flavor. I had 3 antibiotics. ¬†My labs still looked the same and still showed the abscess was much smaller but remained. From a 7 cm to a 3 cm abscessed area which is an improvement for sure, but finding out that I can help this to go away faster? ¬†What a golden opportunity to be proactive in my healthcare.

I have never in my life felt so sick. ¬†I have never felt like I would never get my energy back or be able to once again go for a walk without passing out. ¬†I have made one walk since my surgery. ¬†It was a the only day I felt good. ¬†I walked 4 houses up the street and back again. ¬†It was to my dad’s house. ¬†He didn’t answer the door either. ¬†Hubs and I didn’t have our mobile phones either to give him a call, so we walked back down. ¬†The next day, I felt just as terrible as I had previously and remained that way until yesterday. ¬†I do listen and I do everything I’m told to do. ¬†I’m a very good patient. ¬†I know what I have to do and I do it.

After being in the nursing field for 29 years, I should know a thing or two about how to get better, but this has been the absolute lowest point of my existence. ¬†Honestly, I was ready to seek healthcare elsewhere if it weren’t for Dr. Burke finally giving me the answers I was seeking on Thursday. ¬†Hubs took me to my sinogram, where dye is placed into the drain and then x-rayed for drain placement and to see how much fluid is still present. ¬†It’s really very cool. ¬†What we were shown is that although my abscess is much smaller, the abscess is made up of pancreatic enzymes which is trying to eat my body instead of processing food because of where it has leaked to. ¬†There is a small pathway which has formed which we need to help seal up. ¬†We can do this by flushing and creating the proper pressure in there, a neutral pressure, allowing the nasty, thick drainage from the pancreas to drain. ¬†If I gavage it with the saline 5 or 6 times a day, it will allow the thick drainage to flow more freely and therefore, it will be released more easily.

Guess what! ¬†It’s been working great! ¬†No more fevers, and I feel much improved. ¬†I sure won’t be running any marathons. ¬†In fact, I’ll have to work up to walking any great length again, but I’m getting there. ¬†And I’m planning on more writing. ¬†I’m able to focus a little more clearly already. ¬†Just think, maybe, just maybe, I might get a little bit of my summer after all! Wouldn’t that just be awesome! ¬†I know the Hubs, the kids and I would be so thrilled. ¬†Thank you for all the prayers and good wishes. ¬†Keep them coming. ¬†You have no idea how much they mean to me. ¬†Your kind thoughts are so wonderful. ¬†They truly mean so much to me. ¬†I can’t thank you enough for caring about little old me!

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig!

Alas, my own bed, my own towels, my own pillows. No IVs, no uncomfortable bed or chairs. But, no more room service, no more call-if-you-need-anything.

Still, I am Home again, Home again, Jiggety jig!

There truly is no place quite exactly as comforting as home. Last night, I slept soundly because I knew that my Hubs was by my side, I knew where everyone who lives in my home was and they were all safe and secure.

So now I’ve had my major abdominal surgery but discovered that I had an area of infection inside me that needed to be drained. That was hospitalization 2 which was Sunday through yesterday.¬†

I now am home with my things of comfort right at me. There is something better than those things though. I have my family here. My husband has been amazing throughout all of this. Anyone who knows him would probably say that they wouldn’t expect anything less from him though. He even went to the pharmacy at 11 PM last night to pick up the medicine for the thrush I now have, thanks to those killer-strong antibiotics! What an amazing man.

My 2 daughters and my son have been at the ready just like my Hubs. They even brought me a small got fudge sundae last night which was so soothing on my side throat. The girls even decided to clean their room. Duh-duh-Dunn… And it’s looking almost inhabitable

So, as happy as I am to have hospitals around, I sure don’t want to visit another one for a very long time. I want to say a huge thank you too all of the nurses and techs who gave me excellent care, to the fantastic doctors who have me time and the the meds and tests needed to heal, and to the auxiliary staff for all you do each and everyday. Thank you so very much. You are what teamwork should be. You are the faces of the success of your hospital.

The ER, Me, Seriously?

Seriously? I’m back in ER again. This time it’s me. I’m tired of being sick. I want my life back.  I’ve had low grade temps since returning home from the hospital and they just keep getting higher. I’ve had enough.

Last night while feeling absolutely miserable, my temp rose to it’s highest. I can’t tell you how miserable it makes me, but let me tell you, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Chills. Feeling disconnected. Miserable.

I’m thankful for the ER on this Father’s Day and for my love by my side. I’ve had blood cultures drawn, a slew of labs, and a chest XRay done so far. I still have to fill the usual cup of joy. I am getting IV fluids and I’m hooked up to the EKG. Good times abound.

I have the nicest nurse and very attentive doctors so far. My wish is to figure out what is wrong so we can fix this. I know this will pass and that I’m in good hands. Please let it be faster than longer!

Tales Post-Op: Home at Last

I can’t tell you how glad I am to be home. ¬†I did absolutely enjoy being pampered by the extraordinarily kind nurses at the hospital for 5 days, but there really is no place like home. ¬†I love my soft, clean, fresh sheets. ¬†I do, however, miss the bed that raises up and down. ¬†The pain caused from that movement can be described as less than favorable at the moment. ¬†If you don’t know, I had a large abdominal surgery last Friday so my tummy muscles are crying right now with activities I normally do without blinking. In this edition of Deirdre’s Daily Dose, I hope to amuse you with some antics of the “far away, far out” me induced by pain medication and other journeys over the last 5 days. ¬†I wish it won’t bother you in any way, and that you can follow it, because, well, I’m stoned on Norco and tramadol at the moment and keeping my eyes open is hard enough!

First of all, everything takes 1o times longer to accomplish thanks to my pain medication. For instance, just this minute, I started typing, zoned out, I think I may have even fallen asleep, and all I keep hearing in my head is an earlier conversation about naming a future dog Edgar. ¬†So, in that “away” time from blogging, my finger fit the “d” and stayed there for many rows of, yes, you guessed it, “d’s”. ¬†Grrrrr! I had to erase all of them. ¬†What a pain! I keep falling asleep during this paragraph and dreaming. ¬†Just little short dreams about the strangest things. ¬†If I could just stay awake to write. ¬†This would be such a funny post, I tell myself.

In regards to sleeping and the medications, let me tell you a couple of things. ¬†First, the dreams are so weird. ¬†Very colorful, but I always dream in color, these dreams are in strange, off the wall colors most of the time. ¬†I can fall asleep in seconds and often do. ¬†So, I may be talking to you, then the eyes close, I’ll still be talking to you but the dreaming starts while I’m talking to you. ¬†I’m in two different places at the same time. ¬†How bizarre! ¬†My eyes are so happy when they are closed right now. ¬†I know my body has lots of healing to do, but I simply can’t keep my eyes open for very long. ¬†It’s not even that I’m not interested in what you’re saying. ¬†I’m very interested, but my eyes and my body are so tired. And reading, well just forget it. ¬†If it’s very short, I may get through it. ¬†I may have to have someone read to me. What normally would take me a few minutes could literally take me all day. ¬†Writing this is taking far more time than it ever would if I weren’t under the influence of medications. ¬†And, this is what I love more than anything else. ¬†Sharing my time with you. ¬†Sharing my thoughts with you.

I do look and feel like a pin cushion presently. ¬†I have gone through my surgery which was done laprascopically. Because of this, I don’t have one giant incision. ¬†I am fortunate to have 2 poke holes, one small incision and a larger incision which is still relatively small. ¬†but still, I’m marked for life, again. ¬†Dad said, regarding my abdominal surgeries that I should have a zipper placed in my abdomen. ¬†I teased him and said, “well I have one already. ¬†Haven’t you seen it? ¬†It’s all the rage in the frequently operated abdomens this summer?” This was my eighth abdominal surgery in the last 20 years. ¬†Man, I’m one tough nut to crack. ¬†Soon, they will run out of things to take out. ¬†I’m like the patient in the game “Operation”.

As far as my IV’s and needle pokes, well, my veins have decided that they’d like a rest. ¬†I was stabbed 12 times in 5 days for my IV’s thanks to my veins deciding to be sissies. ¬†They just didn’t want to play nice with the needles. You see, as a nurse, I know how long the IV’s should last, and mine usually only last 24 hours. ¬†I did have the last one for 48 hours before it infiltrated, but there were a few days I needed 2 IV’s as well. ¬†That was not fun. ¬†They should last 72 hours. ¬†Next time, I’m suggesting a central line. ¬†That’s it. ¬†My arms are various shades of black, blue, purple, yellow and green from the various bruising. ¬†Fun times. ¬†Oh Yeah!

Now, let us talk about fluid. ¬†surgeons love to make sure you are overfilled with fluids. ¬†I am no exception. ¬†That wasn’t a problem with a catheter to take care of the urine I was producing, but Day 2, my friend, the cath, went bye bye. Up and down, up and down. Painfully I made that trek while the fluids ran in liter after liter through my veins. ¬†I even started getting puffy little feet and hands. ¬†I was looking like a puffy little marshmallow with those excessive fluids. ¬†Love me them lactacted ringers! Eventually, they were turned off and my puffiness started to decline and is still declining. ¬†I still weigh more than I did entering into my surgery though. ¬†That I’m not a big fan of, but it will go. ¬†Eventually.

I’m now up and about more that I was, when I’m not falling asleep at a moment’s notice. I’m starting to feel better, but I’m reminded with pain when it’s time to take my little friends, tramadol and norco. ¬†I’ve got a regiment going on and hope it will be just a short term one. ¬†I hate the feeling of loopiness in my brain. ¬†My kids laugh at the way I speak after the norco. ¬†I just want to sleep ¬†Ah, there’s the twinge again. ¬†Time for my date with T and N. ¬†I’ll be off for now. ¬†Wouldn’t want to fall asleep on you again and have another odd dream to attempt to tell you about!

Ta-Ta for now!

Deleriously Dreaming Deirdre! xo

As I Lay in my Hospital Bed

My fabulous babies!

Good evening! Salutations to you all! I am starting to feel a little better from surgery last Friday, but I know I have a very long way to go. There is so much work in the department of my health. Of course that can be a very daunting expectation to dwell on, especially if you are in my current state of altered consciousness! Pain medication is my friend!

I worry about going home tomorrow because there are always things to do! There are meals to plan for as well as pleasing everyone. Well, I have help and my help says as do i, like it or lump it! That will be my new mantra I’ve decided. I’m not catering to the masses after this surgery.

I love my family with all my heart. I’m so proud of the fact my oldest came home tonight to care for me me. She washed my face, hair and my back. She went into nurse mode. I’m so proud of her. My second daughter came up earlier and took care of me too with the baby girl of our house. I’m a happy mama knowing that I must be doing something right.


I Have a Great Profession

As sick as I am in this hospital bed, I know I am annoying to cope with. ¬†I hate using my call light. ¬†I try to do things on my own. ¬†I just do. ¬†I am this way because I’m a nurse. ¬†I know what it feels like to be torn in several directions at the same time and not know what way to turn. ¬†I remember those days well although it’s been years.

Tonight, I am just so proud of being a part of such a wonderful profession. ¬†I have been cared for so well so far on this hospital trip. ¬†I am not my normal lucid self most of the time. ¬†Right now, I’m having a rare lucid moment and I’m snatching it up to share it with you. It’s very difficult to type with tubes and wires attached everywhere, but they are necessary. ¬†I will soon be given my pain medicine again and no longer be lucid.

My dear ones, just hug all the nurses that are in your lives. ¬†They really do go through so much at work and deserve your undying love at home. ¬†I don’t say this for myself, but for all the nurses still working in the hospital. ¬†Being a patient brings to mind countless memories of the good, the bad and the downright ugly. ¬†Nursing isn’t a job, it’s a calling!

T Minus 2 days


And thus we find ourselves here. The hospital called twice, once to pre-register and once to go over allergies and medications. That is fine with me, however, I know I’ll have to go over it all again on Friday morning. Yippee! Oh what fun!

I am no stranger to surgeries, especially abdominal surgeries. This time is different though. This time is a really big surgery. I admit I’m scared, but I just want it to be over. I was struck by something during the pre-registration call this morning. They asked me to pay my $350 co-pay today. Since when did this start occurring? Isn’t it bad enough that I have a family to support and I’ll have no income to support them with? Now the hospital, which used to take payments, wants that much up front? Seriously? I’m struggling here to understand the efficacy of all this. What happens to those who don’t have it? My cyst is pre-cancerous. This is necessary. I need to get this out of my body. Is this what health care has come to?

I struggle to understand how hospitals expect me to rate them highly when they want my copay right now. Isn’t this supposed to be about patient care? How did this happen? I’ll tell you how. It happened when the government decided to get involved. I’ve been a registered nurse for 20 years and it’s a recent occurrence that hospitals have been run so far into the red that they have to make things this tough for patients. What if I tell them I won’t be able to pay my other bills if I pay them for a surgery I need? Do you think they really give a hoot? The answer is a resounding no. Hospitals, like every other business, have been forced to think about the almighty bottom line more and more and less about the happiness of their patients.

You will get loads of surveys in the mail after doctor’s visits and hospital stays. That’s administration for you. They go by numbers. How did our employees do on the surveys? And that’s all we employees are, a number. Luckily, for those we work with, we are much more than that number. We are human. We matter more than that number, but to those above us all, just a number on a survey.

The same is true all over healthcare which is changing the way healthcare is delivered. Its everywhere, not just in the hospital I’ll be at for my surgery. Everywhere. Too bad the people taking care of you and me aren’t allowed just to do a great job, that which they were called to do, without having government and administration breathing out orders as to how we do what we do. It even includes how long doctors are supposed to take for patients. Yep, you read that correctly. Don’t you like having a time restraint on how important you are! And now, we have to pay for our stay like a damn hotel stay! I guarantee, it’s no Ritz Carlton for my stay! Why should I have to pay first?

Thoughtfully perturbed in Illinois!

Happy Nurse’s Week

To all my fellow nurses, Happy Nurse’s week. ¬†For those of you who have been touched by a nurse, tell them how much you appreciate them. ¬†Nurses are, by nature, very caring individuals. ¬†The reason we go into nursing is because we care. ¬†We want to take care of people. ¬†I’ve heard many people over the years say many things about nurses both good and bad, but believe me, we all started our careers caring. ¬†We still care and it’s not about our paycheck that keeps up going to work.

The future of nursing.


To be a nurse, it has been shown that nursing school is one of the most grueling majors in higher education. ¬†I can certainly vouch for that! ¬†It may have been 20 years since I graduated, but let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. ¬†I studied all the time. ¬†I did the eat, sleep, breathe method of studying and anyone who knew me in those years could tell you that’s exactly what I did. ¬†I had no social life because I had a goal. ¬†I wanted to be the best nurse I could be. ¬†I got very good grades and I should have with how hard I studied. ¬†It’s a very rigorous program! ¬†Let’s not forget that once you graduate, you get to pay your state money to take your state boards! Yes, the dreaded, stressful NCLEX examination from hell! I remember taking it and coming back to my mom’s and telling her I failed. ¬†I just knew I did, but I didn’t fail. ¬†I passed first try. ¬†Thank God! The joy of passing was so overwhelming I can’t compare it to anything other than giving birth to your first child!

As I say, I’ve been an RN for 20 years. ¬†I was a CNA before that so nursing has been what I’ve done for 29 years, since I graduated high school. ¬†My first clinical was when I was 17. ¬†Since then, I have seen so much. ¬†I have done so much. ¬†I have worked in nursing homes and loved and lost residents. ¬†I have comforted families. ¬†I have worked in the hospital in many different departments. ¬†I have been part of codes (when you are called to perform CPR on someone in the hospital. ¬†I’ve lost patients. ¬†I’ve comforted patients and families through difficult times. ¬†I’ve worked in home health. ¬†I worked in home health some more. ¬†Now, I’m working in a clinic setting for the first time. ¬†I suppose you could say I’ve done it all. ¬†I love being a nurse. ¬†I still love caring for people. Sometimes though, being a nurse is the hardest job in the world. ¬†It isn’t just about caring for patients or families. ¬†It’s so much more than that. ¬†It’s pleasing everyone.

I have been asked to wear many hats in my career as any nurse has. ¬†We are always having to do more with less time and resources. ¬†It’s just a sign of our times. ¬†Not a particularly good thing if you ask any of us, but as healthcare changes, so must we. Sometimes we get burned out too. ¬†It’s a good nurse that can recognize that she is burned out and needs to change. ¬†The great thing about nursing though, is that you can always find something that is different and challenging to keep your mind and skills fresh. ¬†If you want to slow down, you can switch hours or work per diem. ¬†Nursing is evolving too. ¬†In my new role as a clinic nurse, I am challenged because although my hours are varied (I choose the days I’m available because I work per diem), I work in a float pool and need to know which doctor I’m working for that day. ¬†I have to know how they like things and how their nurse runs things. ¬†I like a good challenge and eventually I hope to be good at this. The downside to this is that I have no permanent home in the clinic, but that is okay, too.

Lori, LaVonne and Deirdre. Friends since nursing school.  Friends for life.

What has being a nurse taught me? ¬†I am able to do just about anything I put my mind to. ¬†If I believe in myself, I can do it. ¬†I even can paint a picture. ¬†It may not be the best picture, but hey, I put it on my wall. ¬†And I did it myself. I have faced challenging patients and families along the way. ¬†I have faced challenging doctors on this journey too. ¬†One such doctor had me in tears many years ago. ¬†I was fresh out of hospital orientation and still in report. ¬†The medication had just come up from pharmacy and this doctor was known for being a pistol. ¬†She had a reputation for giving the new nurses a hard time. ¬†The IV med was sitting on the medication cart because the day shift nurse brought it in and left it there for me so that I could hang it when I got out of report. ¬†The doctor came into our med/report room and ripped me up one side and down the other because I hadn’t administered this medication yet. ¬†I wasn’t given the option to explain. ¬†I was so upset and then the tears came. ¬†It was awful. ¬†Many years later, I had learned that all that was needed with this particular doctor was to stand my ground and stand up to her. ¬†I had done that on one particular day and she had never given me another bit of mouthy guff again. ¬†She could actually be a nice person, sometimes.

The end of a long day!

I can tell you that with all that nurses go through in their average day, the best part is actual patient care. ¬†I personally love caring for people. ¬†I have enjoyed all these years of meeting the many who have been entrusted in my care. ¬†I have to say it has been a true blessing to be a part of their lives when things are just not going well. ¬†I always make it a goal of mine to make people smile. ¬†If I’ve made you smile, I’ve done a good job. ¬†Happy Nurse’s Day and Week to all my nursing friends. ¬†Reach out and hug a nurse and tell them you love them.

P.S. Most nurses like hugs.