My New Sweeties


These two little sweethearts came into our family last night and in 24 hours they have completely won our hearts. Their names are Dexter and Felix. They are approximately 9 or 10 weeks old and are the cutest red squirrel babies you could ever meet.

Dexter is the larger and stronger of the two. He is pushy and loves to burrow and snuggle underneath his brother Felix. He loves pockets as well. He came with a chunk of apple which he devoured after drinking his milk. We finally have a syringe that he can manage easily and he sucks the milk right out making a mess of himself while doing so.

Felix is smaller and more fragile, but already growing stronger. He clings to everything, especially me! He loves his milk more than anything. When it’s food time, he’s ready for a chow down.

In less than a day these little guys have wedged their way into our lives and our hearts. Our hope is to raise them over the next several weeks to make them bigger and stronger and then release them. Wild animals need to be in the wild. Although it’s going to be difficult, we will do it. Rabbits don’t stay as long or need as much care as squirrels do but they, too, have been released back to nature. Wish me luck!

Dexter looking adorable

New Life to Raise

Dexter and Felix all cuddled up!

Sometimes God sends you the most unusual gifts. Throughout the years, we’ve helped raise and release many bunnies and one gimpy squirrel, Rupert who unfortunately did not make it. We knew Rupert probably wouldn’t make it but by golly we have him so much love and we learned so much I’m the 2 months we had that tiny little guy in our lives. We were so blessed.

Now, we are blessed again with not one but two baby squirrels and no gimpy legs! Meet Felix and Dexter. They lost their mama last night when a dog killed her. They are too young to be released and so we, the squirrel whisperers, have been called to be rescuers again. Mind you, Rupert did not die from the usual things that happen when humans interfere. Rupert died from an abscess in his gimpy leg that festered and although we did our best, we couldn’t save him.

Felix and Dexter are young red squirrels. Are they adorable? So far, we’ve had them an hour so I’ve assessed them for injuries and fed them after warming them. Never feed a cold squirrel. These guys have apparently been introduced to solids recently because their initial rescuers placed Apple pieces in the box and after I fed them formula, they each went over and chowed down a piece of apple.

Felix and his apple

Dexter is much larger than little Felix. Felix may not be as advanced or may be when the previous saviors fed him he aspirated a little bit of the Pedialyte so I’ll have to keep a very close eye on him.

Dexter and Felix like to cling to things and like to be cuddled but imagine being separated from your mother and escaping your best to look for her. How scary for the little creatures.

I’m this house we believe that it is our duty to care for all of God’s creatures and it’s a task we are called to do. People do seek us out and most often we say yes. Many say we are crazy but I like to follow in the footsteps of my favorite saint who did the same thing, St. Francis of Assisi. He is the patron saint of animals. All of God’s creatures are special and if I can help them, I most certainly will.

Hopefully this will be the beginning of many wonderfully fun and interesting adventures with our two new little friends. Keep tuned for more fun with Dexter and Felix!