Missing Daughter

They anticipated this day for over a year, but was it really happening?  Had they really found her?  Kelsey had been a missing runaway since 6/29/2014.  Her parents, brother,  family, friends and the whole of Cornwallis, IA had searched tirelessly for months, but there was no trace.  Her parents knew she just wouldn’t run away though.  She wasn’t that kind of kid.  She had always been a good kid.

Kelsey was an average student.  She struggled to get A’s and B’s but always managed to get decent grades.  She had made some new friends at the high school which all seemed like nice kids.  But there was that one boy.  The one they called Rip.  What the hell kind of a name was Rip anyway.

Kelsey’s mom, Melanie, never gave up on the search for her girl.  Now, the police had someone matching Kelsey’s description.  She was 5’5, 108 pounds, which was skinnier than Kelsey, but after 402 days of being missing, anything could have happened.  She could be starving for food.  This girl seemed to remember very little and was frightened they said.  They said she had long, auburn hair, green eyes and light freckles over her nose.  She sounded just like Kelsey.  It had to be her.

Today was the day Melanie would see for herself.  The puzzling part was that this 17 year old, had a tiny baby.  They didn’t say how old or anything.  Kelsey wouldn’t runaway if she was pregnant.  She would have come to her mom, Melanie thought.  Maybe it wasn’t her.  Maybe she was raped.  Maybe she was kidnapped and abused.  Oh, Lord, the thoughts and the questions came flooding, and so did the tears.  How and what would she do if this was her baby girl?  Her Kelsey?  The little light of her life?

The Interview

wp-1464846922347.jpgThe coffee was brewing as she cooked her scrambled eggs with great purpose.  She was going to get this interview right this morning.  She would nail it.  She shooed Penelope off the table as the feline neared the house plant.  Dani knew that poinsettias were a danger if eaten by cats and if anything happened to Penelope, well, she would be devastated.

Dani dressed in her new blue blouse and navy flared skirt, but she would skip the big belt today, as they might find that a bit overkill for an interview. She had to turn it down just a little bit. she thought. She straightened her curly hair and added mascara and liner to her eyes with just the right pop of pink lipstick and her makeup was done. Professional but not frumpy! Excellent!

All set and evidently ready to knock them dead!  Well, figuratively speaking, of course.  Dani felt like she was on top of the world as she grabbed the keys to the old Jetta and locked the door behind her.  This was the first day of the rest of her life, and she was ready for it!

This is part of The Blog Propellant’s prompt , Words, Words, Words in which we are given a list of words and bidden to use them in a story of 150-200 words.  Today’s words are: Scrambled eggs, purpose, house plant, danger, skip, evidently.  This is such a blast.  I love being given prompts and then writing a quick short story.  Fiction is such a blast to write.  Hope you enjoyed it.

The Lavender Dress

Image result for girl with red hair, purple dress

She loved storms and this was a beautiful one in her eyes.  The sky was dark, so dark almost as dark as if it were night.  The brilliant flashes of lightning shattered the sky every few minutes and the thrashing rain pelted the windows as if they were going to break it at any second, an invader into her house, yet not so much.  Yes, this was a beautiful storm for sure.  Karri was hoping this one would last for a good long while so she could use it as an excuse not to meet him.  She really didn’t have any good reason not to meet Claude, other than she agreed to, one last time.

She continued getting herself ready.  She put on the short, lavender dress.  The one that went with her auburn hair so well.  People always gave her compliments and told her it brought out the color of her eyes when she wore it.  “What did they know?” she thought. She was in the mood to tell him off.  How dare he call her after not even calling her for over a week.  She had texted him everyday to see if everything was alright.  She hadn’t heard one word.  She was done.  She would tell him it was over. Karri wasn’t someone who put up with excuses.  She had done it before, but that was the old Karri.

Claude had gone to Syracuse to see his ailing mother, or so he said.  Why would he not text back, unless he chose not to. Well, Karri had decided after the 3rd or 4th day that it was really quite simple.  Claude was seeing an old girlfriend.  She knew who it was.  It had to be that one. The one who broke his heart years ago.  Cheryl or Carol.  Whatever her name was.  It really didn’t matter.  Whatever the excuse was, Karri wasn’t going to hear it.  Not this time.  She really didn’t care what he said.  All she could think was, “Oh no, not again.”  It was like that with her in relationships.  This one was just like Ricky.

Ricky had been her previous boyfriend, but he cheated on her several times.  When she found out, she broke it off and never looked back.  But she really thought Claude was different.  Claude was sophisticated.  He was more complex than Ricky.  Maybe she was wrong.  Maybe something more happened at home in Syracuse.  Maybe his mom was seriously sick.  Ricky was carefree and in a band.  He was no businessman like Claude.  Claude usually called every day.  She started to rethink things.  Maybe she was wrong about him.  He was a good man.  She really had no reason to believe that he had done anything wrong.

When the phone rang, her heart stopped.  She picked it up slowly.  “Hello?”

“Hi, Babe.” Claude sounded soft and rather sensual.  He did melt her heart when he spoke in that deep, soft voice.

“Hi!” Karri could hear herself sounding a little more excitable than she meant to. “How are you?  When did you get back?  Are you okay?  I haven’t heard from you in a week.  I’ve been so worried.”

“Babe, my mom…” he trailed away.  “She.. she’s dead.  She had a massive stroke and there was nothing that they could do.” She heard the anguish in his voice.  She knew she had been wrong, but felt so bad in how she had been so quick to judge.

“Oh my God! Honey, I’m so, so sorry. Is there anything…” Now it was her voice trailing off.  “Are you even back from Syracuse?”

“Babe, I need you.  I’m back, but I just came back to get a few things.  I have to fly out tomorrow again for the funeral and to get mom’s affairs in order.  It’s going to take some time.  I wanted to know…  Well, I wanted to know if you would come with me.  She would have loved you.  Like I do.  I just wish she could have met you.”

Karri sat down at her kitchen table trying to keep her emotions from getting the best of her.  She took a deep breath.  Her heart was doing a happy dance because she did really love Claude.  She hadn’t really realized it until this moment.  They had been seeing each other for 5 months and yet, she had such a difficult time embracing love and being in love much less the man of her dreams declaring his love for her.  Yet, he just did.  Was it the fact that his mother just died or that he truly did love her?  What should she say?

“Karri? Are you still there?”

“Yes, Claude, I’m here.  I’m just a bit overwhelmed.  You’ve just told me  your mom died and that you love me in the same breath.  I, I…”

“It’s okay, Karri. If this is too soon, or too much, I understand.”

“No, Claude, I do love you.  I love you so much! I want to be with you and I just feel guilty for thinking you were ignoring me over the last week.  I just thought maybe you didn’t want me, or maybe you had found someone else.  Now, I find out it’s all this.   Are you sure you want me?”

“Yes, Babe, I want you for the rest of my life.  When mom died, I realized that I love you more than I love the air that I breathe.  If I don’t have you by my side, I have no purpose.”

“When can I see you?”

“I’m right outside your door, Karri. Open the door.”

As she opened the door, she found Claude on one knee, red roses in one hand, 1 carat diamond ring in the other.  On his shirt, a sign saying “will you spend the rest of your life with me?”

“Yes, Yes! Oh my darling man, yes.”

This has been a fictional story created for The Blog Propellant which is awesomeness at it’s best!  My number that I have chosen at random is 27! I chose to  use all 3 prompts, because it’s so much fun!  I hope you enjoy this story as much as I have enjoyed writing it.  It took me about 25 minutes to write.  The hardest part was finding a picture to go with it!


Kevin and Dianna – A Fictional Short Story

This is a fictional piece I wrote for a prompt that I had a great time working on.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I had writing it.

He hid behind the chair hoping that she wouldn’t hear him.  Granted, he’d been drinking whiskey all evening.  It was hard for him to be quiet.  He thought, just for that moment that if he could just sit there, behind the large, overstuffed lounge chair she wouldn’t find him and she would just simply wander up the stairs off to bed.  It was very late.  He was wrong, of course.  But that was the drink thinking.  He was never rational when he was drinking.  He was drinking a lot more often these days. He just didn’t have the courage to tell her the truth.  What would she say if she knew?

“I know you’re in here.  I can smell the whiskey from here,” Dianna called out.  She didn’t sound overly pissed off.  That was unusual.

“Come out from behind the chair, Kevin.  You aren’t a 6 year old for God’s sake.  You’re 42 years old.  It’s about time we talked about this like rational human beings.”

Reluctantly, he slunk out, grabbed the whiskey glass and slumped into the chair he was crouched behind without uttering a word.  He wouldn’t make eye contact with her.

“Seriously Kevin.  It’s got to stop.  You’ve spent all our money on booze.  You drank up all my money and I work so hard!.  What the hell is the matter with you? Don’t you realize you’re not in college anymore?”

“Dianna, I know I have been drinking more lately, but it’s not that bad!  It’s not like I have a problem or anything.  I just, well, I just…”

“You just what, Kevin? I’m not one of those girls who will just hang around and watch you drink your way into a stupor every single night and let you ruin your life.  I’m your wife!  I love you and you have become an alcoholic.  I like to have a good time too, but I have to babysit your sorry butt when you get so inebriated that you can’t stand up.  I’m the one who gets stuck cleaning up your messes when you don’t have any money left because you drank it all away.”

Image result for 40 yr old couple

He looked at her with tears in his large, hazel eyes.  He knew he had to tell her.  How could he keep pretending to go to work everyday when he had been let go 3 months ago.  He was so afraid that she would leave him, but he’d been trying to find work.  It was hard in a small town though.   And she loved it here. He had no choice.  This was it.  He knew if he didn’t tell her now, she was going to walk out the door and be out of his life forever.

When he finally told her, her reaction was kindness.  She broke down and held him.  She cried with him and stroked his hair, his back.  He felt the stress of the last 3 months leave.  All that tension was released at last.  When he was finally calm, she got up and walked to the stereo.  She turned on their favorite song which happened to be anyone else’s least romantic music, but to them, it was how they met and fell in love.  It was a Black Sabbath song.

Kevin looked deeply into Dianna’s eyes as she sat back down beside him.  They embraced for a long time.  She kissed him on the forehead gently and took his hand.

“Oh, Dianna, is this the CD I made for you all those years ago? You know the 25 best Heavy Metal bands one?”

“Yes, my love, it is.  I love heavy metal.  You’re the one who introduced me to it.  I thought it might help your state of mind.”

The next few weeks passed and the decision was made over heavy metal and coffee, served daily, that the couple would move to a new, bigger city with more opportunities for employment.  Kevin was, after all, an undertaker.  Work in the small town for 4 undertakers just hadn’t worked out.  Dianna, a nurse could find a job anywhere.  Life and opportunities would change for this couple in the next few years and all thanks to Black Sabbath and Metallica music.  How terribly romantic?