The ER, Me, Seriously?

Seriously? I’m back in ER again. This time it’s me. I’m tired of being sick. I want my life back.  I’ve had low grade temps since returning home from the hospital and they just keep getting higher. I’ve had enough.

Last night while feeling absolutely miserable, my temp rose to it’s highest. I can’t tell you how miserable it makes me, but let me tell you, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Chills. Feeling disconnected. Miserable.

I’m thankful for the ER on this Father’s Day and for my love by my side. I’ve had blood cultures drawn, a slew of labs, and a chest XRay done so far. I still have to fill the usual cup of joy. I am getting IV fluids and I’m hooked up to the EKG. Good times abound.

I have the nicest nurse and very attentive doctors so far. My wish is to figure out what is wrong so we can fix this. I know this will pass and that I’m in good hands. Please let it be faster than longer!