Different and Irreplaceable!

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One of my favorite quotes 

It’s good to be different and not to just fit into the same mold as everyone else.  I’m talking about that one little thing that makes you uniquely you.  We all have it.  Sometimes we don’t always know what it is and need to take the time to examine ourselves to figure out what it is.  My quote on Day 2  of my 3 Quotes in 3 Days is from Coco Chanel.  She was an incredible lady who made a name for herself.

When she said “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”, she was absolutely right.  What is it about your best friend that makes her your best friend?  What about your spouse?  I can only speak for myself but I can tell you that my  best friends are completely irreplaceable as is my Hubs.  These people are each very unique and amazing in their own individual ways.

My Hubs has this mostly calm demeanor when it comes to me.  He understands what I need most of the time, although it hasn’t always been that way.  He has come a long way from the beginning of our marriage, or for that matter from the beginning of our relationship many years ago.  The one thing that has always remained true is his undying devotion and love for me.  That has never faltered.  We both have our own issues, but in accepting each other as we are, we have learned to grow our love instead of let it grow stagnant and cold.

He is my everything.  Without him in my world, I could not exist any more.  He is more than my other half.   He knows how to deal with my emotional drama and upsets. He knows how to just hug me and hold me when I’m worried or upset.  He doesn’t yell at me although he may become frustrated at times, he forgives my transgressions easily.  He is irreplaceable because of these things and so much more.  He is my only love, my only true love, my world.

My best friends are much the same as they each know what to say when I’m upset when I’m down or what to do to make me happy when things are not going well.  They truly show me how much they love me just about everyday.  We always keep in touch, no matter the distance or the time in between. That’s what makes our relationships special.  They are different but in the same sense that I’m different.  It’s our differences that make us irreplaceable, exactly what Coco Chanel was talking about.

In job interviews, the employers are also looking for something that makes you uniquely you, so in other words, different that the other candidates.  Don’t be too different, just be who you are.  It’s always fun to have something that makes you stand out from the others.  For instance, I’m starting a new job tomorrow.  I bet there were not other candidates who blog and write poetry on a daily basis for this job.  I’m a registered nurse by trade.  I am married with 4 beautiful children.  I’ve been a nurse for 20 years, but have been in the field of nursing for 29 years.  I’m a pianist, I can play flute and guitar (not well on the latter) and I can sing fairly well.  I love to paint and refinish furniture.  I work hard and I like to play hard when I get to play. I love to travel with my family and especially spending time with my family in Naples, Florida.  I’d rather have seafood or fish than meat. I love a good meal out and a good home cooked meal equally. These are the things that make me uniquely me.  They make me different than others.  So, if you haven’t figured out what makes you uniquely you, and different from others, think about it.  You are different and irreplaceable.  Just think about it.  I dare you!