A Bit About Me

I was cruising through some of my favorite blogger’s posts this morning, of course while drinking my coffee.  I love to have those lazy mornings drinking coffee in bed and reading everyone’s latest posts.  I can only do this on the weekends now and miss keeping up with everyone.  Wow, what amazing talent and fun people there are in this world.  I’ve made friends throughout the world through blogging.  It’s one of my favorite parts about blogging.  The connection of people.

20140906_144130While reading this morning, I discovered a challenge that I also challenge all of you to do.  You can look at it as a meet and greet, of sorts.  It’s just 30 questions to fill in our answers to.  How much fun!  I would like to thank each of you for visiting my blog.  Some of you visit regularly and others, it may be your first time.  I do hope you keep visiting though.  I love to write.  It’s who I am just as much as my being a wife, mother and nurse.  I love to look at the stats on my page and see how many people have visited and which country they’re from.  You mean the world to me, really!  Thank you.

Now for the fun part. The questions!

1. What’s your middle name?

It’s Marie.  My brother, who is 6 years older, thought Marie Osmond was awesome, so, I am Marie.  Also, Marie, pronounced differently, was my mother’s name.

2.What was my favorite subject in school?

Well, growing up, it was English.  When I was in nursing school, it was maternal/neonatal nursing.  I love to grow and learn and believe we never stop learning.

3. Something I miss dearly.

My mom.  She passed away 5 months ago and although the pain of losing her is not as sharp, it is always present.  It hits me at the strangest times quite unexpectedly now and I find myself crying.

My beautiful mother and I on my 18th birthday

4. My latest addiction.

Most definitely blogging.  Since starting this blog in mid-February, I have been blessed with faithful readers and wonderful new friends from all over the world.


5. Favorite song at the moment.

I absolutely love anything by Bruno Mars, U2 or Mumford and Sons, but I have a huge variety of music that I enjoy.

6. Something I could name my son.

Well, I have a son named Liam and he is the light of my life.  If I were to have another, I’d like Dermot, but those days are past so my only hope now is to wait for grandchildren years from now.

7. Favorite Food.

Seafood, avocados, Noosa yogurt and fruit, just not all together.  A crab or lobster salad with avocado is really nice though.

8. What is the last thing you bought?

New bedding for my bed last night.  Prior to that it was hockey gear for my son’s birthday.

9. Favorite book of all time.

Easy, the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.  I’ve read it so many times and am thinking of reading it again.


10. What is your favorite color?

Pink and French Country Blue

11. Do you have any pets?

I have a zoo.  We have 3 dogs, 3 cats, 4 bunnies, 2 hamsters and a baby squirrel that we are rehabilitating presently.

12. Favorite Perfume

Jessica McClintock.  It reminds me of my mom.  She gave me the bottle I have now and I use it sparingly just so I can have it longer.

13.  Am I religious?

Yes, I am happy to be Roman Catholic

Image result for rosary

14. If I was a flower…

I would be a rose, a beautiful pink rose.


15. Have you ever been out of the country and how many times?

Yes mostly to Ireland.  My family is from there so we traveled there a great deal when I was a child.  As an adult I have just been back to Ireland and to Canada. I’ve also been to England.

croagh patrick with sheep

16. Do I speak another language?

I have some Spanish and although I took German in college, I don’t remember much at all.

17. How many siblings do I have?

I have one older brother.

18. How old am I?

46 years of fabulous

19. Do I drink?

Absolutely love a glass of good wine occasionally.  More often it’s two but with my dinner.  I love going out with my friends for dinner and wine!

Image result for white wine

20. Last time I cried.

Last night.

21. Favorite TV show.

Outlander the series on Starz


22. How tall am I? 

5’3″ or 63 inches tall.  I’m vertically challenged.

23. What phone do I have?

Seriously, does that matter? It’s one that works.

24. Can I cook?

Julia Child I am not, but I know my way around a kitchen.  I jut don’t enjoy it like I used to.

25. What do I do for a living?

I am a professional registered nurse.  I love being a nurse and I’ve thought of going on in school, but I have 4 children to educate.  They come first, plus, I like what I’m doing.


26. My favorite part of my body?

My eyes and my smile.

27.Things I do better than others.

I write from my heart.  I do everything with compassion and empathy so it only makes sense that my writing comes from that place too.

Back to writing!

28. A compliment I’ve overheard.

That I am so kind and always have a smile on my face.

29. My relationship status

I’m happily married to the love of my life.

images (35)

30. Ask me about anything, right away!  I’ll answer it!  I promise!


When Friends Count

images (16)Lately, I’ve been feeling very down.  I know it’s not unusual for me to get this way but this time it’s been for a multitude of reasons.  If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know I’m a ridiculous worrier.  I worry about things and overthink everything.  Even when writing, I worry if anyone is really interested in the things I write.  Does anyone actually care?  I tend to write from my heart and my life experiences, so it makes me wonder is my life really interesting to anyone besides the people that know me?

I can tell you, it’s been rough lately.  I look at the numbers of those that visit my blogs.  I have the poetry blog and realize that not only do most people not visit it, no one ever comments on it, not even my Facebook friends.  Some of the poetry is good in my opinion and I will admit, some of it is, well, not particularly exciting.  If I’m lucky, I may have 5 or 6 people visit it on a good day.  I feel like quitting.  Then there is this blog.  My main blog. This is where I pour out my heart and soul and tell the world what’s on my mind.  I have a goal.  I have some followers.

images (55)I have those that read my blog and some leave me comments.  One has definitely become my friend.  She lifts my soul when I feel like I should just throw in the towel.  Trulyunplugged is her name on here and she is an amazing author.  I know her as Truly.  Her comments are encouraging and incredible.  She raises my spirit and actually, this morning, she brought tears of joy to my eyes.  I can’t tell you what her friendship means to me.  She lightens my heart, always knows the right thing to say and encourages me to continue writing when I think that no one really wants to read what I have to say.

I have a few friends that I know that always read my blogs that have been friends of mine for years.  They are on facebook and I love when they comment that they’ve enjoyed what they’ve read.  I love making that connection with people.  I love seeing that people have read and liked what they’ve read, but even more that what I’ve written has resonated with them somehow.  It’s all part of being human.  We all need to make connections with others.

So, I guess I’m no different from anyone else, I just feel it more than some, I suppose.  Thank you all for those of you who read my posts.  Thank you for liking and commenting.  I learn more everyday and I will persist.

Blathering Away


I am in a mood to write this morning.  I know what you’re thinking.  Oh, no, not her blathering away yet again, but yes, it’s moi, blathering away yet again.  I’m Irish!  I was born this way.  I like to talk but I really like to write.  At least this way, my point is never interrupted except by myself. I’d love if you’d leave me some comments about what you’re thinking about when you’ve read this post as well.  I love reading comments.  They tell me several things. First, they tell me that I’m not just writing to hear myself think.  Second, they tell me if you’ve actually enjoyed what you’ve read. Third, they tell me that people actually are out there in cyberspace and I’ve actually created some really cool connections this way all over the world.

images (7)

Making connections with people is wonderful.  We are human and as human beings, we need connection.  Even introverts need to have human contact despite what some people might think.  They just don’t crave the “in your face” kind of attention that some extroverts do.  I’m the kind of person that likes personal connections with people.  I like to know who they are, what makes them tick, where they are from, what are similarities there are between us as well as differences.  It’s the similarities that we crave.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I could hypothesize that people make friends due to certain similar interests.  The more interests one has, the wider their social circle is.  Makes sense, doesn’t it? If a person is an extreme introvert who never leaves the house, they aren’t going to have much connection with people outside except now, with the aid of computers and other technology, they can connect.  It’s nice.  For me, personally, I have many friends and acquaintances in real life and I’m creating more acquaintances  through blogging.  I never would have imagined this 30 years ago. I enjoy so much meeting people this way all over the world!

images of connection.jpeg

I really hope that this short little snippet of random blathering gives you something to think about. Just think about those friendships you have and how you have achieved those friendships. Treasure your family and friends.  My mom always told me to show me the man’s friends and I’ll tell you who the man is.  This means that you can see what the man is all about by looking at his friends.  Mom always had the best advice. Write to me and tell me your thoughts.  As I say, I love to read your comments.  It helps us connect and makes this life of ours more personal.  Isn’t that why we do what we do?  I know it’s one of the reasons I do what I do everyday.  Have a lovely and blessed day today!

I Should Be Sleeping

empty page
An empty page just waiting for me!!  Nirvana!

Most people are sleeping at this hour of night.  Well, with the exception of those working night shift or those working evening shift, like I used to.  Regardless, I should be sleeping, but I’m not.  I have to be up and alert in a few short hours and what do you think I’m doing?  Oh, yes, most logically, I’m writing.  I just had to sit up in my bed, grab my laptop, scold the cat for getting on top of the hamster’s cage and write.

Yes, I do realize it’s 2AM, but my brain doesn’t seem to care.  The words just need to come out and be here, on this screen.  I have this compulsion to get the words to leave my brain via my fingertips and write at these very inconvenient times of day (or night).

This is the life that just is for me.  I have this addiction to writing, I suppose is what you might call it.  I just have to get the thoughts out and share them with blogland.  Since starting my blog, I have to tell you that I am humbled by those of you that have followed me and actually take time to read these random thoughts that flow freely onto the computer screen.  I do always write from my heart and I want to take this opportunity to tell you how grateful I am that you, yes, you, the one sitting there looking at your phone or computer screen, perhaps that’s a tablet of some sort, but you never the less, have taken time to get to know me through my blog.

cool night time pic
I should be counting stars or sheep instead of writing!

I guess this is also not only a thank you letter to you, but also a sort of follow up to my previous blog of why I write.  You see, I have to get my thoughts out, regardless of what time it is.  If I waited until morning, like some of the more sane people might, this would be completely different than it is right now.  I read in another blog about why we write that we write because we think and see the world in words.  We are words.  This is true for me.

The sun will rise and I’ll want to be sleeping, darn it!

I’ll take it one step further and let you in on a secret.  Speaking, I don’t always have the words flowing well, but with my writing, the world of words comes tumbling forth and I don’t stumble on them like I do in person.  I don’t get anxious when I’m writing.  It’s a true blessing for me.  At least I hope I don’t sound stupid when I write.  I always feel rather stupid when I talk, especially to people I don’t know very well.  There is my secret.

Anyway, my lovely readers, I thank you so much for taking the time and reading my blog.  It truly means the world to me.  Just ask my husband!  He’d be glad to tell you.  I’m always looking to see if there are any views on my 2 blogs.  This one always outdoes my poetry page, but I’m still trying to figure out how to make a like button on there.  No one ever leaves me a comment either!  So, if you want to see my subpar poetry, visit sometime.  It’s at http://www.myblogoflife.com and leave me a comment.  I get really, really excited if anyone but my hubby leaves me a comment on there, which no one ever does!!