There Are Days…

Have you ever had a day that you just didn’t want to come? I have and today was one of them. I’ve been off work for two and a half months.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy my job, it’s that I don’t know it that well. You see. I just started it about 6 weeks before I had to have major surgery and now I have to relearn the things I only barely learned in the first place!

Getting back into the swing of things for these first few days is hard enough when you know a job, but add to that the stresses of sending the kids back to school, the extra driver now away at college, and relearning or just learning things for the first time and it is exhausting. The good part is, I made it through my first day! Hallelujah!

I know things will get easier, but brain fatigue is a real thing, people. My brain felt as though it has run a marathon and read a 1000 page textbook on calculus today. Believe me, that would be pure torture for this soul!

To add to the mayhem of the foggy brain, coming home in was greeted by my son, my lovely 9 year old who hadn’t touched his homework. The kicker was the sheer amount of homework this 4th grader had this evening and the tears and gnashing of teeth it took to just get him to touch the books! Yikes! We never had anything like this when I was in 4th grade! He had 2 Social Studies pages, Reading, Science and Math! That is a lot for someone that age. 

Them there are the things that still need to be thought of like dinner. Hubs was great and made it tonight. That was so nice and much appreciated. Next up? Getting the boy ready for bed and things ready for tomorrow. Never a dull moment in this house. Just another day in the life! 

Depth of a Complicated Child

What do you do when your formerly easygoing child suddenly just begins to drive you crazy? Yes, it’s happening here. The depth of this is serious. He no longer finds joy in doing anything that involves leaving the house.

Not wanting to leave to go to the activities he’s loved all this time worries me. One minute he is fine but soon it’s followed by “please, sell my equipment”.  Or whining incessantly about not going to a certain activity. You might think we would be the parents that overschedule activities, but, alas, he has two for the whole summer. He believes quitting is an option.

So, what is a parent to do in this case? How do you get the world’s most headstrong child to go and follow through with the activities he personally chose to do? This is a very stressful time. This child signed up for VBS, a 3 hour a day, Monday through Friday event. He went 2 days and threw a fit for 40 minutes this morning making him miss the 3rd of 5 days! He even enjoyed the first 2 days. I’m saddened and lost with this child’s behavior over this one event, but at a loss for how to fix it. Hubs and I are so worn out.

We will figure it out, but it has to be soon. I feel like I’m failing this child which hurts more than words. Discipline has always been interesting with him. He’s tested us. Believe me, we have done time outs, sent him to his room, taken away privelages. But this is different. When a child no longer wants to participate in the things he likes to do, something is wrong and I will figure it out…whether he likes it or not! He’s unhappy and we will get to the bottom of his problem.

And Sometimes Things Just Happen

20160512_184944.jpgSometimes I just don’t understand little boys.  I love my little boy very much, but there are those times when I just simply don’t understand his behaviour or that of his friends.  Most of the time, I just don’t understand the behaviour of his friends simply because I know my child’s mind. I know how his mind works, as it is so similar to my own.  There are some things that are more like my husband, of course, but for the most part, I see myself in my son.

I see this gentle boy who is fair and just struggling with injustices and abstracts at his current age of 9.  I see a rough and tumble, let’s-get-filthy-outside child who doesn’t always know how to deal with the finer points of conflicts and simply gets angry and upset, then comes inside, slamming the front door.  He tells me part of the story and I have to investigate if I feel like the infraction warrants it, or simply talk him through the tough stuff and let him know it will be alright.  It’s me that he turns to when things get difficult and I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world.

My son is just newly 9.  He turned 9 one month ago.  He’s a young one in his class age-wise, but he knows more mature subject matter simply due to the fact that he has 3 older teenage sisters and his best friend is is 13.  His best friend lives next door and they have been fairly inseparable all the years we’ve been here, since the boy was just 8 months old.

I’ve decided that boys are weird.  They play strangely and they fight in a strange way too.  Many is the day, well, truth be known, most days, the boys will start playing Minecraft, then it’s outside, then back in for the X-Box and a sports game, then outside for another game, maybe some basketball, then ride the bikes, then back inside for something else.  At least once or twice during this time, the boys will separate and go their separate ways, one close to tears or slamming a door.  It’s those moments when it’s mom to the rescue.  I’m sure my friend and mom to my boy’s friend is the same as me.

I get the boy to divulge the problem, we discuss, settle the problem whenever possible and go on about our day.  About 45 minutes to an hour later, the boys are together again.  It’s weird, but it works for them.  I always worry about my boy, but I’m getting over it now.  I’m learning that he’s growing into a “big kid” now and is able to fight his own battles much easier.  He’s growing up too fast.

I admit I’m his mom, but I’m really proud of this little boy.  In 3rd grade, there was a project where all the kids had to write something positive about all their classmates.  It was a project about filling everyone’s buckets full.  A little girl in his class wrote that my boy “always has a smile and always helps others.” What a sweet and wonderful thing to read about him.  He is a good boy with a big heart, but he’s still one of those strange little boys who does weird things.

I Should Be Sleeping…

Oh the joys of waking in the middle of the night. I’ve got just a few things in my mind in these wee hours but perhaps sleep will be kind enough to take me back for another dream or two before my day must truly begin.

My sweet boy is now the newly 9 year old. Where has that time gone? We had a lovely family celebration tonight complete with mashed potatoes, a burger bar, homemade baked beans and corn on the cob. What more could a boy ask for! He received some new clothes, which were needed and new hockey gear, including a new curved stick! Heaven! Those of us present for his birth were all there, minus his oldest sister.


Of course, now we have my dad present for all these important occasions and I couldn’t be happier! I know how much mom would have loved being here if she were here, but having dad makes me so incredibly happy. He’s relaxed, hilarious and so very kind. For so many years, my parents were in another state for these big events and holidays. They were the missing pieces of the puzzle. Now, even though mom may be gone, having dad here completes that puzzle and makes our family whole. How could I ever repay him for all that he does for our family everyday? All I can do is to show him my love and to be a good daughter. I want him to be proud of the woman I’ve become.


I shall attempt to sleep again now, to dream of far away places and new lands. Each day is a new day and I want to greet it refreshed and renewed! Good night my dear readers! Sleep well!