Design Diva Dee and DIY

I have a new found passion for all sorts of DIY projects, but sometimes I get in a little over my head and refer to my projects as DYI, otherwise known as Do Yourself In!

With that being said, I do love all my projects. I’ve touched on a few projects that I’ve accomplished, but then there are those projects that just don’t necessarily work out the way I’ve planned.  Have you ever had that happen? Of course you have! We all have! There are 2 choices which you can make. Carry on with creating or throw the towel in. I choose to carry on with my creativity! That stupid over-sized, ugly, smelly green chair will not, I repeat, will NOT, GET THE BEST OF ME!

Well, that was a week ago and I haven’t touched it since. The problem is the staples, for one thing, and the blasted weird places the manufacturer put fabric! Yes, I want to strip the whole chair down to the bare bones and start again. Lord help me please!!

I will get this project accomplished, but it’s so hard when I can find so many other things to work on that are way more fun and with more instant gratification. Wish me luck!
Update on this DIY vs. DYI project. The blasted ugly, green chair won the battle. I got rid of it! It’s not even the point of not being able to recover the thing. It was the un-upholstering aspect.

I had men here working on another much larger project that my husband and I couldn’t really tackle safely and they kindly took the halfway uncovered chair with them one day with the other junk they had in the back of their truck! How awesome is that! Maybe they felt bad because one fell partially through my bedroom ceiling! That’s another story though.

As I say, most projects don’t end this way, but this one did. Most projects, and there are many, begin and end in triumph despite their trials and tribulations along the way.

My husband gets dragged into my big projects, much to his chagrin, but thankfully we make a great team. I could never accomplish those without his amazing help and his encouragement. He also doesn’t mind me working on my own projects and knows my strengths and my weaknesses, just like I know his.

One of these days we will get to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labors. At least I hope we will. Until then, we will continue to work side by side and see which projects are DIY vs. those that turn into DYI!