When Words Get in the Way

I am such an emotional person. I’ve wished a thousand times to be the cool, emotionless woman who keeps it all together and never cries. It would certainly help when in an emotional crisis and trying to get the right words to come out of my mouth. You know that feeling. That one when you know what you want to say but your emotions get the best of you and the words come out jumbled at best. What you wanted to say and what comes out are completely unrelated to each other.

Have yoenu ever known precisely what you were going to say because you had practiced the exchange in your head? But no matter how many times you practice, how many scenarios you think of, being in the moment is so utterly different.

I become a flustered mess whose emotions get the best of me every time. I either ending in tears of anger or sadness or frustration. Regardless, I’m the emotional mess who had great points 5 minutes earlier but now can’t speak because I’m so ridiculously emotional. 

It isn’t fair because no one takes me seriously either. Who would take a blubbering fool seriously? Would you, in all honesty? Probably not unless they were injured seriously. We aren’t crazy. We are passionate. We deserve to be heard and heeded. Our minds are full of compassion. This is why we feel so passionately about certan things. Enough to fight them! 

    We are honorable. If we say we will do something, it will be done. If I love something or someone enough to fight for them, I will fight till my last breath. The words get in the way, but I will always keep trying to use them!