It’s About Time for Coffee

Good morning all! I’ve enjoyed a relaxing morning so far and am so glad you’ve made it here for coffee. I’ll admit, I started my coffee early this morning, as I seem to be awake very early these days. Hubs thinks I’m crazy to wake up as early as I do but he’s a VERY good sleeper in the early mornings. He doesn’t sleep well at night and needs his sleep. Me? I am out like a light these days. It’s nice for a change.

Coffee gets my motor running in the morning. I don’t need a pot. I just like my 1 or 2 cups unless I have company. Marz, my BFF neighbor, often shares coffee with me once the kids are at school. It’s wonderful. We can share the worries and joys of our world’s as well as solve all of the world’s problems all over a cup of joe. 

Whenever my oldest BFF and I go shopping, we have to have one specialty coffee somewhere. This, again, allows us time to solve all the world’s problems over our special java. Since we’ve known each other nearly 30 years (scary thought) we’ve solved a lot of problems, dried many tears and laughed over many funny stories over coffee. It never gets old.

When I lived up north, I used to share coffee by the potfull. I had a beautiful sister-in-law, Amy. We were well known for spending many hours drinking our cafe with cookies on my old porch or her basement. It was just what we did. We went to a family restaurant to escape the world and drank carafe after carafe. Amy passed away 3 years ago and I miss her still. When I see butterflies, certain flowers and hummingbirds, I think of my dear friend. I miss those hours but treasure the memories deep within my heart. 

Coffee in our American society is a social gathering. It’s a means of friendship and communication. In my Irish family, we drink tea. Many hours were spent with my mom over a cup of tea and cookies or biscuits, as it were. I’m missing my mom and will be thinking about her a great deal over the coming months. 

Thursday. The 15th, would have been mom and dad’s 56th wedding anniversary. It was the first one without her here. We all went to dinner with dad. He said he’s forgotten “that was today”. This week is his birthday and onward we go with birthdays and holidays. 

Family and friends should be cherished. Life is shorter than we think it is for we know not the time or place when this life will end. I’ve learned and relearned, assessed and reassessed things in my life over the last year and the one thing that is clearer than anything is that we truly need to love one another. Treat those people in your life gently and with care. Treasure them and tell them you love them each and every day or as often as you get a chance. Never let the opportunity go by to show them how much you care and appreciate them. I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m doing my best. 

Blessings of Friendship

I haven’t been writing lately. Life has done that thing where it simply gets in the way. Life does that sometimes and thank God it does. What a joy to behold when we become so enthralled with family and friends, that we suddenly realize it has been a long time since we wrote anything. It’s been a while since I checked my overflowing email. What a shame I have no guilt about not checking my email. 

After such a summer as I have had. I suppose I’m making up for lost time. I’m spending time with my husband, when he isn’t tired from working, my kids, when they aren’t with their friends out somewhere or with my wonderful friends. 

I have to say that these friendships are the ones I treasure more than anything. My friendships are golden, as these friendships have lasted the rest of time. I suppose I’m particular in letting people get too close to me. Some of my friendships have lasted nearly 40 years and others 30 years. 

My dearest friends, and they know who they are, I don’t think I could live without. Even though we may go without talking for sometime, we simply pick up where we left off. We finish each other’s sentences and thoughts. We really can look at something and know what the other person is thinking. There may be a look between us or we may burst into hysterical laughter, but it is an unspoken and heartfelt understanding. 

Just over the weekend I was so blessed to see a dear friend I hadn’t seen in 30 years. Our time was too fleeting together, but the bonds that tied our hearts of friendship together remain all these years later. What an amazing and special coffeetime we had this weekend. We talked about so many things and the time just passed to quickly. If only he lived closer with his family. Another treasure for my heart to hold onto until we meet again.

My sweet overgrown”little brother”, a dear friend since childhood and his lovely wife and son were visiting this weekend, too. As kids, we played together outside every day. We would ride our rocket from his front porch to Jupiter. We had our own air guitar band as a tribute to the Beatles. I always win at basketball but He kicked my butt at baseball. He is a writer and a darned good one. He is working on another book. His dad was a journalist and second dad to me growing up. How blessed I am. 

So, between baking, caring for family and animals, creating BBQ sauces, and preparing myself for my second child leaving the nest, I’ve spent quality time catching up with wonderful friends.who could ask for any greater blessing!

Thank you!


I am so grateful to all of you. I had my most successful day so far blogging with 117 views! Wow! I’m at a loss for words. Usually I have 40 to 60 views. My highest number previously was 95! Thank you for your continued support in my endeavor to share my heart with the world. You made this happen. Bless you for making me so happy and making Deirdre’s Daily Dose a success!


Blathering Away


I am in a mood to write this morning.  I know what you’re thinking.  Oh, no, not her blathering away yet again, but yes, it’s moi, blathering away yet again.  I’m Irish!  I was born this way.  I like to talk but I really like to write.  At least this way, my point is never interrupted except by myself. I’d love if you’d leave me some comments about what you’re thinking about when you’ve read this post as well.  I love reading comments.  They tell me several things. First, they tell me that I’m not just writing to hear myself think.  Second, they tell me if you’ve actually enjoyed what you’ve read. Third, they tell me that people actually are out there in cyberspace and I’ve actually created some really cool connections this way all over the world.

images (7)

Making connections with people is wonderful.  We are human and as human beings, we need connection.  Even introverts need to have human contact despite what some people might think.  They just don’t crave the “in your face” kind of attention that some extroverts do.  I’m the kind of person that likes personal connections with people.  I like to know who they are, what makes them tick, where they are from, what are similarities there are between us as well as differences.  It’s the similarities that we crave.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I could hypothesize that people make friends due to certain similar interests.  The more interests one has, the wider their social circle is.  Makes sense, doesn’t it? If a person is an extreme introvert who never leaves the house, they aren’t going to have much connection with people outside except now, with the aid of computers and other technology, they can connect.  It’s nice.  For me, personally, I have many friends and acquaintances in real life and I’m creating more acquaintances  through blogging.  I never would have imagined this 30 years ago. I enjoy so much meeting people this way all over the world!

images of connection.jpeg

I really hope that this short little snippet of random blathering gives you something to think about. Just think about those friendships you have and how you have achieved those friendships. Treasure your family and friends.  My mom always told me to show me the man’s friends and I’ll tell you who the man is.  This means that you can see what the man is all about by looking at his friends.  Mom always had the best advice. Write to me and tell me your thoughts.  As I say, I love to read your comments.  It helps us connect and makes this life of ours more personal.  Isn’t that why we do what we do?  I know it’s one of the reasons I do what I do everyday.  Have a lovely and blessed day today!