If We Were Having Coffee

A work in progress!

If we were to sit down for coffee I’d tell you what a glorious day today has been for gardening. We would chat about the flowers I’d planted so far and how I really need a tiller to expand where I’d like to plant my vegetables this year. You see, I’m expanding from my tomatoes which I’m so excited about. I’ve gotten red peppers and cabbage. I’d tell you about the raspberries and how adorable their name is…raspberry shortcake! So cute!

We would chat about my daughter’s prom last night and how she looked stunning. I’m so proud of who she has become. They had a brilliant night and her friends were crowned king and queen. She got home at 6:15am this morning and will be leaving soon for another party. Tomorrow is senior skip day and I know where she’ll be as well as that she’ll be safe.

My second daughter and her boyfriend. Senior Prom 2016

If we had coffee I would thank you for taking the time to share a bit of your life with me. Life is all about connections after all. We can not do this alone and coffee is much nicer shared.