Grateful for Today

What a slow and gentle day. I was able to leave the prison of home again this morning for a while. How lovely to feel the sun on my cheeks! Soft and warm and glowing orb that brings me happiness!

Today’s adventures were thwarted briefly when my boy and I went out to the van. We recently, Wednesday, obtained some new to us furniture which was still in the van. The boy had to take what he could out to make room for passengers. I couldn’t help thanks to my 10 pound weight restriction post surgery. Let me tell you, that 9 year old kid is so strong! Thank God! He removed a ton of stuff!

Our first destination was picking up the 14 year old from school. Why? Because that’s where she was. What a beautiful, sunny morning. She was sending me texts about the bugs that were eating her alive. Poor kid. The boy and I were busy though. The boy was unloading all that stuff!

Next stop, hair salon for a bit of an update and trim. I had the two silly kids with me who amused themselves to no ends looking through magazines at all the hairstyles. All I heard from my chair was a great deal of laughter!

For being such good sports, I got them a McDonald’s breakfast for a treat. We drove through and I knew I was done with my gallivanting for the day. I miss those days of taking off in the morning and just doing things.

There were so many things I would have liked doing, doing but I knew I was pushing it. Sad, isn’t it? But I have to remember that my surgery was only 2 weeks ago today. I’m grateful for not being stuck in a hospital bed. I’m glad this isn’t permanent even when it feels like it. I’m getting there. I have to remember that everything takes time. I will heal in God’s tome, not my own.

As for now, my temp is up again. Stupid low grade temps. It’s the time of day and normal post op stuff, especially with no spleen. I’m exhausted so it’s time for another nap. I never thought I would say, I am tied of napping, but there it is! Have a joyous day, my friends! Love and peace to you all!

Thank you!


I am so grateful to all of you. I had my most successful day so far blogging with 117 views! Wow! I’m at a loss for words. Usually I have 40 to 60 views. My highest number previously was 95! Thank you for your continued support in my endeavor to share my heart with the world. You made this happen. Bless you for making me so happy and making Deirdre’s Daily Dose a success!


Just Considering Today

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. How many times have we heard this and yet we still dwell on the past and think about the far off future. Well, today, I’m thankful just for today. 


I sit here and realize that No matter what happens tomorrow, and there will be many things to worry about, today I have all that I need and more. One can only handle so much and if we are given to worry, as I inevitably am, then thinking about the good old positive things really puts things in our lives into proper perspective. Granted, again I’m attempting I’m attempting to write with my squirrel friend crawling on my shoulders and head. No that doesn’t make me a freak. Really. He even tried to groom me. Yes, seriously.

I’m faced with many trials and tribulations in my life as of late, and yet I’ve learned that all things come to pass. We sometimes don’t have control over all the things we would wish to control. It’s really okay. I promise. Stop worrying about everything you can’t control. Whether you worry about whether someone cares about you or if it’s your health. You have to realize that some things simply aren’t up to you.


Be yourself. If people like you, wonderful. If they don’t, then realize that’s their problem. You probably wouldn’t really enjoy their company either of you really knew them. As for your health, well, do your best to stay healthy but realize that things happen that are out of your control. If, for instance, you have a bad gallbladder or you have to have your spleen removed, you’re going to make it through. It could be more serious. If it is more serious, try to stay positive. Keep things in perspective. Trust me, it helps.

I’ve learned after years of worrying. Life is far too short. Now, I’m not saying go get yourself a squirrel to help keep things in perspective. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend that at all. Dexter the squirrel is my little mascot but he’s a handful.  Well, more than a handful these days! What I am saying is look at the bright side and look at the life you have today. Don’t dwell on the yesterdays or the worries of tomorrow. They will be there and so will Dexter and I.


It’s Great to be Alive!


As I sit here eating gummy bears and reading some great blogs, I am reminded that it is truly wonderful to be alive.  Not only am I blessed to have a computer to read all these wonderful blogs, but I have the opportunity to like and comment on so many as well!  If I haven’t gotten to yours yet, don’t worry, I have a lot to get to yet.  I’m getting through them and it’s been a long, long day!  It’s been a day of gratefulness though.

I went to see the lovely Dr. Choppra today about my pancreas.  What a great man he is.  He instantly put me at ease and said he is very doubtful that this cystic area is cancer.  I could have kissed him for that but opted not to.  I’m sure he would be glad for that if he was aware of it! He set me up for an endoscopy with endoscopic ultrasound and biopsy for next Tuesday.  He doesn’t waste time.  Thank God for that man. Finally getting somewhere and not standing still.  Wow, does that feel good.


Dr. Choppra also said that I will more than likely have to have that area of my pancreas removed regardless of what the biopsy shows because it’s causing me pain.  I like that man more and more.  Let’s get rid of this bad thing! No, I’m not a fan of abdominal surgery.  I’ve in fact, had more than my share and my belly shows the scars.  I’ve had 4 c/sections and 2 umbilical hernia repairs as well as a hysterectomy.  Yes, I have a very unattractive tummy, but bring it on!  I want this bad boy out so I can get on with living my life! I don’t do patient very well.

I also got my grubby little paws on my notes from Florida.  Apparently, there is another mass area on my liver.  It looks like a hemangioma which is like a mass of blood vessels all rolled together.  Don’t know what that’s all about but that is going to have to wait until we get problem number one taken care of.  Dr. Choppra said so and I completely concur.

night sky

So, in light of all this crazy news, I’m elated!  Dr.  Choppra doesn’t think I have cancer and said he would be very, very surprised if it was based on the fact that it is cystic in nature.  I have a date with him to put nasty tubes down my throat and slice a bit of said cyst thingy out to test it.  I still have the best husband in the world who got me taco salad tonight for dinner, even though I couldn’t eat very much of it.  And to top it all off, I got to go to my son’s hockey game tonight where he made a goal on the goalie who just covered the net, like completely covered the net with his entire body.  My boy was the only one who made a goal on our side!  Yay Liam!!!! Overall, great freaking day!

Now it’s time to go back to reading some more blogs and making likes and comments.  I hope to actually get some sleep tonight for a change though.  Mornings just come too soon! Pleasant dreams everyone!