Sweet Slumber, I Miss Thee

Tending a baby squirrel is such hard work.  It’s like having a new baby in the house again.  The difference is that I’m much older now than when my children were born.  I simply don’t have the energy like I used to.  I really don’t know just how I did the lack of sleep for so long long ago, but I did as all parents do, just punt.

As I’m sitting here, I’m sitting in my bed still on a beautiful sunny, Saturday morning.  I can hear the birds singing their morning songs outside my windows as they call each other outside which to me is the epitome of Spring itself.  I’ve seen walkers with their dogs on leashes out for their morning walks and the few runners with determination in each step as they pass by my window.  I should be out there too, if for no other reason, than to work on my garden, but I’m here safely ensconced in my cocoon of covers because our little squirrel, Dexter had to be fed at 3 AM and I hadn’t been asleep yet. I also had passed on the chance to sleep afterwards until 4:30 AM.  Silly, silly, Deirdre!

Although I will get up and start my day shortly, it is so very comfy all cuddled up here.  I can’t do much if I can’t keep my eyes open anyway . I have so many things that need to get accomplished today.  There never seems to be enough time in the day to do it all or for that matter. or for that matter energy.

As for my little squirrel buddy, Dexter. he requires being fed formula every 4 hours.  I don’t mind, but that falls at 3 AM each night and again between 7 and 8 AM.  That never seems to be long enough in between for any great sleep.  Oh, it would be fine if life was great and the Boy would go to sleep at 9PM each night, but there I go dreaming again.  Last night was a rough one.  The Boy of nearly nine had a friend spend the night! The 2 boys were up until 2 AM so I was up waiting until they went to bed.  Thank goodness they weren’t up any longer than that.  I’d certainly be a walking zombie right now.  As it is, I just want to doze off to never never land for a bit and return when I’m fully refreshed and ready to feed Dexter again.  Dexter has a nice full tummy for the moment and is sleeping in a little ball, tail curled around him as he is fast asleep.

The boy is up and about after getting his breakfast.  His friend just happens to also be our neighbor and decided that he didn’t have enough sleep so he left just before 8 this morning to go home and get some more shut eye.  Grand idea altogether! The boy, however, has eaten his breakfast, had a drop of coffee  and is now playing quietly by himself, perhaps a game of NHL hockey on the NHL hockey on his X-BOX.

For now, I will take a nap as laundry has been flipped, animals have been fed and the rest of the house is quiet.  Just for 30 more minutes I will have peace to myself.  Then I will get up and ready myself for the day ahead.  I’ve already accomplished several things so a nap is deserved.  That is my Saturday morning planned! Hope you have a wonderful day.  May the sun be shining on your face today, where ever you may be.