Day 3 Quote, At Long Last

What wonderful descriptive words.  I love this quote just because of the use of the descriptive words, like poetry.  Granted, I chose to use all Outlander quotes in this challenge this time round, but why not!  Did you see tonight’s episode?  I tried my best to watch it, but it was difficult thanks to my daughter and her boisterous boyfriend who came inside to chat with me as the new episode started.  Outlander it really the only television that I watch.  I just can’t be bothered watching much on television anymore.

I was never a big TV watcher so it’s not a giant leap into silence.  I just prefer the quiet these days.  I like to look out my window and watch the kids play on the rope swing.  I imagine what they may be saying when I can’t actually hear them.  I enjoy reading, but haven’t the patience or the wakefulness to read presently thanks to my surgery.  Maybe this new week will find me reading a new book my best friend gave me.  Most of all, I love writing.  I haven’t been able to do that very much thanks to the medications post surgery, but I’m weaning myself off those darn things already.  I hate them.

And now to nominate my last 3 people for this 3 quotes 3 days challenge.  It sure doesn’t have to be as wordy as mine.  You can simply pick a quote and pick your 3 people for the day.  I just happen to be the word monger so, well, you know how I am if you visit here enough.  I hope you have enjoyed my quotes.  I know it’s taken me a week to get the challenge completed, but I think I get a pass this time.  I was a little busy with surgery this week.

My nominees are:

  1. because we are kindred spirits!
  2. because if I know anyone who can find awesome quotes from the best book, it’s you!
  3. because you can use beautiful quotes with those gorgeous flowers that make me so happy!

A Quote a Day Keeps the Love Here

I’ve been nominated for the I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC challenge today by the one and only lizalizaskysaregrey. I’d like to thank her most profusely and hope that I am up to the challenge as I love quotes, but I’m off to surgery in the morning.  I will try to post my quote for tomorrow before they wheel me off!  Hopefully I won’t be too out of sorts on Saturday to post as well.  Thank you Liza so very much for thinking of me.  I’ve selected a quote from my favorite series and nominated some great bloggers to participate in this cool idea!  Keep this rolling.  It will grow and It will expose us all to more of each other’s blog posts as well.  Let’s grow together!

Two of my favorite literary characters are Jamie and Claire Fraser.  Their love is a true and pure love, although it didn’t start out that way.  I won’t spoil anything by reviewing this series, which is by and large my absolutely favorite, because I would simply give away too many spoilers.  I have read and reread the entire series so many times.  I watch the series on Starz as well and I will tell you that it is excellently cast and so well done.

I chose this quote to be my first quote of my 3 day challenge of quotes because it epitomizes the truest of loves.  I feel this for my husband.  Well, when I’m not being a terribly wretched human who is ungrateful for the wonderful things he does for me.  Yes, I have so acted this way towards him.  I hate when I do that, too!  I love him with my whole heart.  I wouldn’t be the person I am without him.  When you hear the cheesy phrase, “he completes me”, they are referring to my Hubs and I.  No, seriously.

We keep each other in check.  It doesn’t mean we always get along.  In fact, quite the contrary.  We often do disagree and I am the over-the-top extrovert, whereas he is the quiet introvert.  Somehow, we complete each other to make one whole person that makes sense.  We bounce ideas off each other and when I’m upset, and I’m often upset, he always, somehow magically, makes me feel better.

Rules of this challenge are as follows:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote for three consecutive days.
  3. Nominate three new bloggers each day.

Today I nominate:


Outlander in Scotland or Paris!


Imagine being transported back 200 years to a time without the luxuries of running water, indoor plumbing and bras and underwear? Can you imagine going back in time to the year 1745 and living in Scotland or Paris? You know, Paris, fashion capital of the world! If you are a fan of Outlander, the series, both in print and now on Starz, then you have read or watched this happen. This amazing transformation was so well written by Diana Gabaldon that you feel a part of the journey of Claire and Jamie Fraser.


The series starts off in 1940’s Scotland until Clare is unexpectedly transported back to 1743 Scotland. I won’t spoil the how’s of this but there she meets Jamie Fraser and is forced into marriage to save her own life.  There are differences between the book and the Starz series, but they are small. The actors are phenomenal and really as I’d pictured as I’d read the books.


I, personally, am a huge fan of this amazing series both on and off screen. I’ve read the books several times because the author, Diana Gabaldon is the most incredible story teller I’ve ever come across. Her wit and descriptive writing, as well as the story line and historical relevance keep you coming back for more. In fact, you can’t put the books down!


In part of the series, you find the main characters, Jamie and Claire living in Paris. Can you picture yourself there? If you watch the series, you can see Diana’s words transformed into visual images that are astounding! Such beautiful scenery and costuming! Imagine being transported to Versailles at the height of Court! Such dresses and finery! Wealth, tapestry, wigs and a very constipated king needing an audience for everything including having a bowel movement, or rather, trying unsuccessfully to poop! How about having the role of the king’s personal butt wiper! No thanks.


I could watch the series over and over just like I love to read the books over and over. Each time I reread the series, I learn that I’ve missed something else and forgotten others. If you’re looking for an excellent series I highly this one. It is my all-time favorite series. I have suggested it to so many and anyone who has read it falls in love with it and can’t put those books down either!