It’s Time for Weekend Coffee!

I’m so glad you could make it this morning.  I’ve been looking forward to this time we share together all week.  I’m telling you, our weekend coffee is the highlight of my week. If we were sitting down together today, I would break out the Thomas coffee I’ve just purchased.  I’ve been so excited to share this with you.

You see, my dear friends and neighbors are from St. Louis.  I have lots of family there, too.  I love St. Louis with all my heart.  My daughter will be heading there for university in the fall, so she likes it there as well.  Anyway, I digress.  Thomas coffee is an amazing find.  When my friend, Tracey, ran a doughnut shop, the only coffee she served or would serve was Thomas coffee.  I have to tell you, I tried it once and I was hooked.  I think I’ll go make us a cup instead of just telling you about it.  It’s something you won’t believe until I tell you, but there is no bitter aftertaste.  I can’t wait for that first cup. I’m sure you’ll like it, too. You’ll see. I just wish we had something sweet to go with it.

In other news this week, my middle daughter graduated from high school last Sunday. It couldn’t have been a nicer day.  The weather was perfect and the ceremony was beautiful all along with a Catholic Mass.  We are Catholic and she graduated from a Catholic school so what better send off into the vast, new world than with a Mass.  Our pictures turned out very well, too.  I would have liked some more, like one of my dad and brother with the graduate, but that didn’t happen.  We all went out to eat lunch afterwards which was delicious and the best part was that we were all together.  Such a joy. Of course, after lunch was over, we came home, rested a bit, then she took off to attend various parties for the rest of the day.  Ah, youth!

All the kids are out of school so summer vacation has officially begun.  It’s nice not having to wake them up in the mornings and make sure the boy is ready for school.  The girls are independent, so we just hear them getting ready and off they go around 7:15 every morning.  Next year we won’t have a driver for either of the ones left at home, so we will be back on full-time taxi duty.  I will miss that, but it’s only a year until we have yet another licensed driver in the house.  Hubs and I have been spoiled over the last 4 years always having a teenager to run errands and such.

My Kindness challenge is going well so far.  I’ve just finished week 3.  This week, we focused on being, thinking and saying kind things.  This is a tough one, but I’m starting to get better.  It’s not to say that I’m an ogre or some other terrible monster.  I do have a temper, however, so it’s twice as important for me to remain calm, gentle and kind during those times.  I’m a work in progress.

Being a more gentle person is not as hard as it sounds and I’ve found that it helps my relationships. I have found over the last 3 weeks that my marriage is much more infused with love and patience.  Hubs is changing too.  I can tell he is more engaged with me than he was, and our marriage shows that. Our marriage is the focus like it should be in our life, the rest is secondary.  I love this man with my whole heart, unconditionally.  I think he’s seeing a change in me, too.  I hope he is.

Well, I hate to guzzle and to, but it’s time to get the boy up and moving.  He has a baseball game in a little over an hour.  I thought it would be raining, but it isn’t raining yet.  This little apple of my eye, my not-so-little baby boy, my sweet future who is too big to fit in the bed between Hubs and I is growing up too fast.  Soon enough, he’ll be wanting the car keys too.

Revolution of Kindness – My Week 2

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My week this week seemed both long and short, all at the same time.  It was long due to not feeling well, thanks to Mr. Pancreatic Cyst which will soon be a thing of my past, as well as computer training class for work.   I love messing around with technology for the most part.  Okay, the fact of the matter is really that I used to love computers and all things technology, but that was a time when I had more patience than I seem to have these days.  It’s not that I didn’t enjoy my computer class, I enjoyed the people in my computer class and the trainers very much.  They made it bearable.  My problem was simply that I am no longer as quick at learning new things.  I used to pick up technology so quickly.  Now, trying to just get my eyes to re-accommodate from the computer screen in front of me to the one projected at the front of class is tough.

Lucky for me, the trainers were there to help every step of the way.  Each time I said, “where is that?” or “I can’t see how you got there”, there was a trainer by my side.  I even told the one trainer, Kim, that she should simply pull up a chair because I was going to need a lot of her expertise and she looked uncomfortable squatting down next to me.  What kindness she showed, and all the trainers, for that matter.  Their kindness to help those of us, me in particular, to “get it” with the 2 computer systems we use on a daily basis.  I could spend some time just getting tutored I think!  I’m a special kind of student these days!

Showing kindness is something we don’t always see.  When looking for kindness, I also saw unkindness, but tried to sort of unsee it.  One place I saw kindness was in my daughter this week.  I have seen this before in my kids but I have to point this out because it happened this particular week.  My second daughter, Bear, the one who graduated high school today, was very kind to me and to our family this week by doing that which she loves to do already.  She cooked dinner for us a few times which was, as usual, delicious.  As a surprise, one night, she also made us brownies.  She has always been thoughtful.  Last Sunday, she had a baking day so she could bake some goodies for her teachers.  She made mention that she is, by nature, a caregiver.  She is absolutely that, a nurturer. She gave me unbidden hugs, just because.  She made this a much better week.

Now we begin week three. We are asked to begin another journey in our Kindness Revolution.  Check out what’s happening on Niki’s awesome blog!  It’s truly a wonderful journey for me so far.  This week is going to be very challenging.  I can be very kind, but also very selfish.  I can be loud and sometimes, I don’t see things as I should.  I’m human.  I will always be human, but I am trying so hard to be a better human.  Come join us in our Revolution of Kindness.  It’s truly inspiring!