Woes of Technology


I realized I’ve been a bit lame on my pictures lately but please excuse me. I’ve been doing a lot of writing from my phone which means I can upload some photos, but not others. My laptop is giving me all sorts of issues with this changing of pictures. The issue as I stated in a previous technological quandary post, is that when technology works, it’s great , but when it fails to comply with basic functioning… Arrgghhh!

First. My cell phone went kaput! That was a tragedy of epic proportions for me! All of my appointments and contacts and photos are there! Yes, I’m one of those people. I have given myself an intervention so that I’m not attached 24/7, but I felt like a lost puppy without my phone! Hubs, being the best man ever, took care of the problem device and was able to get said device fixed for me! Way to go, honey! Rocking the casbah, babe!

Now, since updating the laptop to Microsoft 10, I can’t seem to use any pictures for my blog! Well. Very few! It’s nearly impossible to save the images when I find that perfect one and to top it all off, I can’t seem to figure out how to upload my phone photos to the laptop! Grrrr…

Perhaps I shall figure this all out soon. I sure hope I do because it’s really annoying to write something well and have no images to go along with the post! There aren’t many who have no images to share in the blogging world, or so I’ve noticed. Just wait till I get this figured out.

Regardless of projects, processors and pithy comments, I have to simply say that I will continue forward with my mad blogging skills. I won’t let the technology revolution too me to shreds! I’ve come this far and have much to write about the world. Who knows what my next adventure will be! All knew.wish me luck!

Being Connected

Image result for when your mobile phone not workingWhile I love technology for the most part, there is part of me that also loathes it when it decides to take a flying leap into the dark abyss and ceases to function.  This happened this weekend.  My cell phone decided to act strangely while I was using it on Saturday.  I was looking at the screen and trying to do something when, Voila! the darn screen sort of flashed black and went dim.  I could hear the sounds and all, but the screen remained black.  Not good for someone who was getting phone calls and text messages.  Ugh!  What now!

I tried to turn it off, but my phone has a touch screen which requires me to be able to see it to turn it off.  No luck.  I took out the battery.  I let it rest for a bit and tried again.  It came on for a moment before going black again.  I tried again several times, but no success.  I called my provider after starting an insurance form to get a replacement phone.  I’m so glad I did.  I was able to take the phone in to the store!  Unfortunately, I have lost a bunch of pictures stored on that phone, but otherwise, my world is still somewhat intact and my connection to the outside world via mobile phone remains secured. It only took about an hour.  Thank God for the technician who was able to fix my other phone which needed to be wiped clean, as it had issues too. My black screen phone is most definitely a deceased phone.

How did we become such a society that relies on our electronic devices so much?  My greatest concern was being connected.  It was being able to text and talk on the phone, as this phone is my primary phone.  It was also about reaching my calendar.  All my appointments are on there.  My work schedule is on there.  My manager at work texts me on there.  Never before have I been that attached to a phone, but here I am, completely tethered to my phone.  You’d swear I was 17 years old!

I’m not one who can’t put my phone down, but I’ll admit, I have it in my hands most of the time.  I have that very bad habit.  I play my word games on it.  I love Words With Friends, WordOx, Word Search, AlphaBetty, as well as several puzzle games, but I also like to feel connected to everyone.  I love feeling connected to WordPress.  I want to check my stats and write posts as they enter into my head instead of later, or at least jot my ideas down if I’m not in a situation where I can write about them.

Have mobile phones and technology helped or hindered our memories?  That’s what I’m thinking about as I write this.  Is it great to be able to connect so easily, but I was raised in a generation that didn’t have anything like this.  Now, I see my children drawn to their phones as if their very lives depended on them.  What the heck is wrong with these kids?  They can’t even talk to  you and keep their eyes on you instead of their phone.

Life was so much simpler without technology. We talked to each other more.  I’m making the effort to get back to that in my life and it has been so wonderful.  I love my family so much more than ever.  Without having a screen to look into, I see the lives of my loved ones.  I see faces with expressions looking back at me.  Real conversations do happen.  Don’t lose yourself in technology.  It just will do what my phone did.  It will break down and give you the dreaded black screen of death one day without any remorse.  It has no feelings.  It is just an electronic.  The faces of your family though, will love you and appreciate the time spent with them.  They will chat with you, cry with you and most of all, they will laugh with you.  They have life in them and won’t give up on you when you most need them.


Technology Woes


Having 2 blogs is so much fun, but sometimes it can drive me crazy.  While one is simple and easy for me to use, the other one seems easy enough to use, but I try and try to make it more user friendly.   I seem to fail every time.  Just trying something little.  Nope, I just seem to make it worse.

I think it’s all the language that I simply don’t understand.  I’m a very busy mom who loves to write.  I need to write and when I try so patiently to fix up my blog, I seem to only get so far and then, Bam! I’ve only messed it up a little bit more.

Last night was no exception.  I tried so hard for well over an hour to figure out how a person is supposed to put a like tab onto my poetry blog.  It has a place for comments, which I have nothing to speak of, but I want a place just to simply like a post.  I am so frustrated.  Just some random thing like this seems daunting and makes me crazy.


And so endeth my rant. I will figure this whole web page thing out eventually. I know it takes time and patience. I do wish more people would at least comment though. Writing poetry is fun but also work. It would be much more encouraging if I knew what people liked about the poems. For now I have to be content that anyone visits at all. At least that’s something!


If you d like to visit it, it’s http://www.myblogoflife.com. thanks!