Understanding: Hard But Necessary


As many of you know, I love prompts. I just happened to notice today’s word prompt is understanding. How very appropriate in so many levels. Of only more people could learn to be understanding of others there would be less violence, intolerance and bullying in this world. Imagine, if you will, a world where others could understand or at least accept the differences that are present between different cultures. Of this was true, there would be so much less violence. It wouldn’t fix everything, of course, because you will forever have the outliers who like to prove everyone wrong, those extremists in every culture, but there would be so many fewer of them. They wouldn’t be taught intolerance and hate, instead, they would be taught love, acceptance and understanding of differences. I have tried to raise my children with this outlook and they are different. They do not hate.

Think of the most recent tragedy in Orlando, Florida. 50 innocent lives. Now there are mothers grieving the losses of their children. Brothers, sisters and fathers all crying over their son or their daughter who just happened to be born gay and decided to go out for a night out. Not everyone in that club was gay, I can almost guarantee it. But the shooter hated gay people so much, he didn’t see these  people as human beings with lives and families. He saw them only as gay. So, will they shoot me because I’m a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes and I am Catholic? No, I would be shot because I “sympathize” with the “gays”. I sympathize with humanity and I weep for the future. If there is no understanding in this world and no tolerance then I weep for the future of this world. What a horrible place I have left to my children. All I can do is pray and that info every day. For my family,  for the victims of these tragedies, and for those who hate.